Saturday, February 8, 2014

going local

We've had lots of fun lately squeezing in some local exploring. Life gets busy with school and work and baby-raising, but we love the time we have to spend together and go somewhere new!

Last week, all the Kaisers went to a Nuggets game. The seats were fantastic, the company great, and the game close. Rhett was a little charmer and made friends with everyone around him (pretty sure the girls behind us instagramed him, but I couldn't find him under #cutestbabyever).
Rhett started out bursting with Nuggets pride

but he stayed up way past his bedtime and was fading by the end of the game (after we had changed him into pajamas, much to the celebration of the people around us)

Then last weekend we braved the snow and headed to the Hammond's Candy factory tour. I heard it was free and gave candy samples--those are two of my favorite things so of course we had to go. The tour was fun (everything is made by hand!) and we scored some great deals in the candy store, so win, win, win!

Before this place turned into a frozen tundra, we enjoyed the January sun for some outdoor exploring. We've got to get outside when we can so cabin fever doesn't sink in!

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