Friday, February 28, 2014

Little Moments: February

upon review, this should really be called "Rhett's Adventures in February". Apparently I don't take enough pictures of the non-Rhett parts of our life. But let's be honest, law school and freelancing don't create the best photo opps...

 cute boy in a weird hat
I sent this picture to André and he replied with "The destruction begins". Oh how right he was
Heart shaped pizza for Valentine's Day
We've been experimenting with sensory bags. Rhett liked this one full of conditioner and I loved the smell.
 Sly baby eating bananas
A little birthday relaxation moment enjoying free hot chocolate, the newspaper, and a comfy chair by the fireplace, sans baby. It's the little things.
Sly baby with socks on his ears.
Rhett's new trick is sticking out his tongue, but he stops as soon as I try to take a picture. This is as good as I could get.
 Sunday selfie. It's what we do.
Nature Valley's newest baby model. He would only sleep if he was holding the granola bar.
He sits in shopping carts now and it's his favorite thing evvvver.
Found a balloon at church!
The only thing Rhett doesn't like to eat is avocados
I was in charge of picking up the balloons for a ward party, so naturally I roped André in for a photo sesh.
Rhett wasn't too sure about the balloons.
Jaunty baby in a scarf

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

+ the Olympics, all day every day. One of my favorite parts about the winter games is critiquing the outfits. US snowboard outfits? snooze. Russian figure skating costumes? creepy. US figure skating dresses? spot on. Norwegian speed skating orange? yes please.

+ so far the winner of the favorite Olympian award are Meryle and Charlie of course. Because they are the greatest and the only reason people actually care about ice dancing.

+ My birthday last week marked my official move into my "mid-twenties". oh boy. Naturally we celebrated with lots of delicious food, the Olympics, and the most perfect baby-free dinner out with my dear husband.
Glazed eyes after eating allll the food. 

+ Sleep training. Woof. Here's hoping Rhett gets it soon and can pull together some decent naps.

+ The best part about winter in Colorado is the near constant sunshine. The worst part about winter in Colorado is the constant dryness that is attacking my cracking fingertips.

+ One of my freelance projects has me searching stock photos to match my articles. There are some serious gems in there. These poor models:

Saturday, February 8, 2014

going local

We've had lots of fun lately squeezing in some local exploring. Life gets busy with school and work and baby-raising, but we love the time we have to spend together and go somewhere new!

Last week, all the Kaisers went to a Nuggets game. The seats were fantastic, the company great, and the game close. Rhett was a little charmer and made friends with everyone around him (pretty sure the girls behind us instagramed him, but I couldn't find him under #cutestbabyever).
Rhett started out bursting with Nuggets pride

but he stayed up way past his bedtime and was fading by the end of the game (after we had changed him into pajamas, much to the celebration of the people around us)

Then last weekend we braved the snow and headed to the Hammond's Candy factory tour. I heard it was free and gave candy samples--those are two of my favorite things so of course we had to go. The tour was fun (everything is made by hand!) and we scored some great deals in the candy store, so win, win, win!

Before this place turned into a frozen tundra, we enjoyed the January sun for some outdoor exploring. We've got to get outside when we can so cabin fever doesn't sink in!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Little Moments: January

We spent the month enjoying a great vacation, getting back into the groove, and celebrating some sunny winter weather. Here are some highlights:

 Rhett and Nana bonding
Reliving my high school experience with a Blazing Bagels trip
Reminiscing about our wedding at the Seattle Temple
A recliner made for 3
 Rhett strengthens his core
An overcast day at the driving range
Hello Colorado
Rhett tries peas for the first time
 Wrapped up in our blanket fort
André the pretzel making champion
Daddy the jungle gym
Rhett isn't sure what to do while I'm blowdrying my hair
 He sits!
Prairie dog hunting
Chunky baby legs...wearing shorts in January?
A little batting practice on a sunny day
Moose bonding
Saturday those sunny days!
Rhett and André have a new trick
Sunday selfies
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