Friday, January 17, 2014

goals goals goals

The last few years I've turned my new year's resolutions into a list of things to accomplish that year. I love checking things off the list, and I've found that creating the list with themes and characteristics of who I want to be in mind keeps me focused throughout the year. So for accountability's sake, here is the great list of 2014. Feel free to check in and see how it is coming. Hopefully I'll do a little better than last year when the whole having a baby thing kind of messed up my list.

Run a 5k
Refinish a piece of furniture
Visit teach each month
Read “Jesus the Christ”
Do an act of anonymous service each month
Do a big, long term service project
Go on a couple trip
Go on a family trip, just the 3 of us
Go on 3 new hikes
Memorize 10 scriptures
Write down family stories
Read 12 new books
Decorate a fancy cake
Stick to a monthly budget
Take a class in something new
Try 10 new hairstyles
Take a picture every day
Follow monthly goal charts
Create a yearlong ‘jar of good things’
Read the New Testament
Read a book together as a couple
Freelance my name in print (not just online) 3 times
Finish Rhett’s baby book
Try a new workout routine

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  1. Just catching up on your blog. Great updates! I'm so glad Rhett was good for you on the plane rides. Looks like you guys had a blast on your trip. I also have a goal to read Jesus the Christ this year.... book club next Christmas? ;-)


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