Wednesday, January 1, 2014

december according to my iphone

 all bundled up. the poor baby couldn't move his arms
cold cold weather
little boy in a big chair
warm warm weather. we loved it.
just a little light reading at the library. Rhett loves the classics, apparently.
 German Christmas Market..we had to control ourselves around the giant soft pretzels
Rhett and Avery, just checking each other out
Baby helping with laundry
First time on the DIA tram
A little Rhett and Poppy bonding sesh
 Washington is pretty
This kid is a total ham
Abstract art at EMP...can you find us?
Road to Sochi 2014...we're on it
Naked baby
That boy loves the fire
Chillin with uncle Shane
Jumping bean
Turning the basement into Santa's workshop
The cutest elf of them all

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