Friday, January 17, 2014

goals goals goals

The last few years I've turned my new year's resolutions into a list of things to accomplish that year. I love checking things off the list, and I've found that creating the list with themes and characteristics of who I want to be in mind keeps me focused throughout the year. So for accountability's sake, here is the great list of 2014. Feel free to check in and see how it is coming. Hopefully I'll do a little better than last year when the whole having a baby thing kind of messed up my list.

Run a 5k
Refinish a piece of furniture
Visit teach each month
Read “Jesus the Christ”
Do an act of anonymous service each month
Do a big, long term service project
Go on a couple trip
Go on a family trip, just the 3 of us
Go on 3 new hikes
Memorize 10 scriptures
Write down family stories
Read 12 new books
Decorate a fancy cake
Stick to a monthly budget
Take a class in something new
Try 10 new hairstyles
Take a picture every day
Follow monthly goal charts
Create a yearlong ‘jar of good things’
Read the New Testament
Read a book together as a couple
Freelance my name in print (not just online) 3 times
Finish Rhett’s baby book
Try a new workout routine

Thursday, January 9, 2014

winter break abc's

We just got back from the most perfect Christmas in Washington. There is just something about that green and all those trees that is so rejuvenating. André's school schedule meant we could take a long trip and luckily my parents let us take over their house for two weeks. Plus, both my sisters surprised my dad by showing up at the house so we had a crazy, loud and super fun break. Here are a few highlights from A to Z.

Andrew making Rhett laugh as soon as we got there. They hit it off from the start!
Baby Peter. We got to meet Rhett's newest cousin for the first time.
Christmas morning. We were done opening presents before the sun came up, but we loved it. Rhett even got in on the fun!
Dancing with penguins, bubbles, and some crazy kids. We love Celebration Lane!
EMP. We went to the fun music museum where Rhett learned to play electric guitar and my grandpa rocked the tambourine in the family band.
Frequent Flier status. Rhett was great on his first flights!
Grandparent visits. We loved skyping and chatting with my grandparents.
Hitting golf balls on an overcast day at the driving range.
Ice Skating. Some of the kids were kamikazes on the ice, but we loved our laps at the Seattle Center rink.
Jewelry made out of rubber bands for everyone, courtesy of Natalie. We fit in the with elementary school kids now.
Kitchen fun for the annual pie contest. Our cherry chocolate ice cream pie won most festive and most colorful, but there was some serious competition.
Lounging and enjoying being together.
Musical performances
No alarm clocks for André!
Outside time.
Polar Bear Plunge. My mom had the crazy idea to start the new year with a dip in the ice cold lake.
I'm sure the people who live on the lake thought we were mental, but I loved it. New tradition?
Quirky cousins. Rhett loved playing with them and we loved watching the crazy things they came up with.
Rice cereal. Rhett had his first solids at Nana's house and was so excited he could barely stand it.
Snoqualmie Falls. I feel like no trip home is complete without a trip here and we picked the perfect day to go.
Temple time. André and I got to go back to the Seattle Temple for the first time since our wedding. It was perfect.
Uno with Poppy. Always a good time.
Very delicious food. Always.
Wet. Of course it rained a lot. But we got more than our fair share of sunny days!
Xtra chococolatey kids. Thanks, fondue.
Year End celebration. Games, fondue, glitter nails, and a movie = perfection
Zoo. As in, we turned the house into a zoo. But my parents are good sports and we had the best, crazy time.

I can't wait until the whole family is together again!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 in review

2013 was crazy. Like, super crazy. When I look back on where we were a year ago and where we are now, it's hard to believe everything that has happened. So let's review, shall we?

In January I dragged André to a married people ball on campus--oh the things we do for free food. We told the world we were pregnant and enjoyed life in our little frozen tundra. It was also the month of new things--new church callings, intermural sports, exercise classes, and all upper level stats classes for André. Oh boy.

In February we celebrated my birthday with a surprise dinner and decadent chocolate cake. We ate delicious Thai food for an early Valentines Day and avoided getting swallowed up by snowplows on our way home. We took a chilly trip to Colorado for some temple, family, and law school time.

March started with news of our baby boy. We went to my first MLS game and enjoyed the most perfect relaxing weekend in St. George where we ate our weight in frozen custard and frolicked through the red rocks. 

André graduated in April and we ate hamburgers for a week straight. We loved having family in town to celebrate. The month kicked off with the Great Ant Battle (we reclaimed the kitchen) and ended with our renewed attempts at getting good at tennis (we played in our socks).

May started off as a  crazy month—André took spring classes and work was busy for me. I went on a business trip to Texas and André went to Colorado for his birthday with family. We welcomed summer with opening day at Seven Peaks where I got a horrible sunburn and André stepped on a bee, so that was fun. We experienced Ensign Peak and Bruges Waffles and Fries for the first time and our lives became much better for it.

In June André finished his last college class and officially became a BYU grad. He celebrated by growing a beard. We loved summertime, festivals, nighttime walks, good food, and lots and lots of mini-golf.

July was baby month. We had a low-key 4th of July, André started selling himself with plasma, and we rocked the freebies. Baby boy decided to take his time, so we tried just about everything to get him out. Rhett Toby Kaiser was finally born on July 25 with Pioneer Day fireworks in the distance. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary early with some fabulous ethnic food. It's a good thing, too, because the actual day was our first full day home and we napped and napped.

August started with our big move to Colorado and leaving behind our first married apartment. We moved in with the Kaisers, adjusted to life in Colorado and with a newborn, André started law school, and I got used to being a stay-at-home mom. Note to self: doing every possible major life change within a few weeks on each other is not recommended for sanity.

In September we got more into a groove and took some time to explore Colorado. We blessed Rhett and showed some sights to my parents. It flooded and flooded so André got a few unexpected days off school and we didn’t complain. I started freelance writing and we both got two new church callings each.

October was a beautiful fall month. I felt like a real mom when I stayed up late sewing Rhett’s gnome Halloween costume, even if he was too chunky to wear it. We went to the pumpkin patch and enjoyed as much time together and outside as we could.

We stayed in Colorado for November and had a fun and low-key Thanksgiving. Rhett took his first trip to the zoo and was amazed by the sea anenomees.

December was cold. We tried to get into the Christmas spirit, but it was kind of squashed by two weeks of law school finals. We celebrated André’s eventual freedom and 1/6 of being a lawyer and flew to Washington for the Christmas of surprises with the entire Treasure clan.

Whew. What a year. 2013 was definitely interesting and pushed us in new ways. We are so blessed and can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store!

For posterity, here is a look back at 2012 and 2011.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

december according to my iphone

 all bundled up. the poor baby couldn't move his arms
cold cold weather
little boy in a big chair
warm warm weather. we loved it.
just a little light reading at the library. Rhett loves the classics, apparently.
 German Christmas Market..we had to control ourselves around the giant soft pretzels
Rhett and Avery, just checking each other out
Baby helping with laundry
First time on the DIA tram
A little Rhett and Poppy bonding sesh
 Washington is pretty
This kid is a total ham
Abstract art at EMP...can you find us?
Road to Sochi 2014...we're on it
Naked baby
That boy loves the fire
Chillin with uncle Shane
Jumping bean
Turning the basement into Santa's workshop
The cutest elf of them all
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