Tuesday, December 3, 2013

november according to my iphone

a little glimpse into our month of thanks...
 sunday selfies. because let's be honest--we spend a lot of time in the mother's lounge
"make it snappy" = our new favorite shirt
gma and her great-grandbabies
grumpy baby in his new colorado hat
 we had to make the trip to casa bonita for gross mexican food and cliff divers so i could be fully indoctrinated in colorado culture
andré was just super excited to take rhett to black bart's cave like when he was a kid
private concert with uncle shane
boulder farmers market. the people watching was as great as you would expect it to be
 pizza date
cute moose
rhett's mail from barack. too bad the intern didn't bother to capitalize or spell his name correctly
we put our baby in a straight jacket to sleep and feel a little bad about it, but he sleeps (kind of) like a champ now
rhett does a little christmas shopping
adventures at the zoo. sometimes our baby looks like benjamin button
hands in mouth. all day every day.
just the cutest happy boy you've ever seen.

1 comment:

  1. he's so cute!! and so are you. glad you are loving Colorado! We are neighbors sort of, right?? haha p.s. Rhett is one adorable moose. :)


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