Tuesday, November 19, 2013

you know you are a new mom when...

  • you get sad when your baby grows out of their cute 0-3 month clothes
  • you don't know what to do with yourself when your baby takes a 30 minute nap in his crib
  • your workout routine doesn't involve arms--you'll get your workout hauling the carseat around
  • you rejoice when you can sleep in til 6am. baby sleep habits, oh boy!
  • loud noises make you jump, even if your baby isn't asleep
  • you wonder why you get weird glances in the aisles of Target, until you realize talking to your mute baby makes it look like you are talking to yourself
  • "little red caboose" and "4 little ducks" are stuck in your head, not the popular songs on the radio
  • you get more excited to shop in the baby department than in the lady's department
  • you feel happy, excited, grumpy, and frustrated all within a five minute period
  • you can't be bothered to use punctuation or capitalization on a regular basis due to exhaustion. this makes some of your freelance writing projects a little difficult.  
but i guess this guy is worth it all. 


  1. I hate to break it to you, but some of those things never go away, even when you are not a new mom anymore!!


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