Friday, November 1, 2013

this is halloween.

We had big plans for Halloween this year, but the thing about having a 3-month-old is that he doesn't really understand things--he is just along for the ride. Poor Rhett was (generally) a pretty good sport with our shenanigans. Hopefully he isn't scared too badly.
We had a lot of ideas for our costume to the couples party. Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox (to take advantage of André's beard), then Mr. and Mrs. Pacman. But a fussy baby made it hard to make costumes so we dug through the dress up bin right before the party to become the Incredibles. We didn't win any contests--there was some stiff competition
With our little JackJack
Rhett was the cutest garden gnome and even kept his hat on like a champ. Too bad he outgrew his costume before actual Halloween. The kid is a chunk.
Franken-baby at the law school party.
A little photo sesh of Rhett in his backup costume in the leaves. That boy loves to eat his hands.
Things went downhill pretty quickly
Visiting biker grandpa at the middle school on Halloween. Rhett was the star of the school.
And of course he had to try on the biker hair. Poor baby.

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  1. He is SO cute. You should post more pictures. :) Miss you!! Xo


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