Sunday, September 22, 2013

life lately

Aside from our law school/baby raising routines, here are some recent happenings:
Sassy baby is learning to smile
Beautiful Colorado sunset
Matching boys for a Broncos game
Our favorite law student in the courthouse
Rhett showing his BHS cross country pride at a meet
Flooding. This was as bad as it got in our neighborhood
One day Rhett would only sleep outside
Andre had lunch with Sandra Day O'Connor
Tired old man tourist baby at Broomfield Days

Monday, September 9, 2013


It was Rhett's big day this weekend as he recieved a name and blessing from his dad. We loved having so much family there to celebrate Rhett. We sure do love our baby boy!
Rhett got progressively fussy during these pictures, but he sure looks cute in his blessing outfit. (The booties were long gone by this point)

Priesthood holders in Rhett's blessing
Nana and Poppy made the trip. Poppy loved meeting his newest grandson and bonding with his middle name-sake.
And of course we had to give my parents a taste of Colorado. We gave them a tour of Boulder, complete with great people watching, and went on a beautiful hike. Andre is a cool dad. 
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