Monday, July 1, 2013

proof for my sister

My sister said I was faking my pregnancy, so here are the pictures to prove it.

We had big plans at the beginning to take a picture of my growing bump after church each Sunday. Turns out that as you get more pregnant, the draw of a Sunday nap is stronger than the draw of documenting your ballooning there are definitely more pictures from the beginning. Some days I feel huge (What to Expect When You're Expecting even called me a baby hippo the other day), but looking back I realize I've grown a whole baby in my belly!

Just two weeks to go--we can't wait to meet this little guy!


  1. So cute Michelle! I'm so excited for you guys! Have fun when he gets here and remember... you WILL sleep again!

  2. You look great Michelle! I can't wait to meet this little guy later this month!

  3. It's real!!! You are a super cute pregnant gal! Hope that baby comes soon and your baby hippo days will be over!


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