Thursday, June 20, 2013

pregnancy brain

Before experiencing it myself, I thought pregnancy brain was a myth and a scheme by pregnant women everywhere to be forgetful.

Oh how wrong I was. Pregnancy brain is real. Very, very, disturbingly real.

For the sake of my posterity, here is a sampling of some of my finer moments:
  • Last week I was inches away from squirting toothpaste, not mousse, on my freshly done hair
  • Taking three wrong turns on my short drive to work and circling the (half full) parking lot three times before picking the perfect spot. This has happened more times than I would like to admit
  • Milk in the cupboard, cereal in the fridge. At least I quickly realized my mistake.
  • Once I brought an orange to eat at work that I somehow lost and then found later in the day, all the while not remembering if I had already eaten the orange. Turns out there were two oranges floating around the office and I only ate one.
  • Sitting in a work meeting and fiddling with a waterbottle I thought was mine. It was fine until I went to take a sip and my boss casually asked if it was mine. Turns out it wasn't. I still get made fun of.
  • I normally pride myself in being good with names, but it has all gone out the window with pregnancy. We've known each other for years? Sorry if I blank on your name for a few minutes.
Pregnancy is definitely a humbling experience...less than four weeks left!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

summertime in black and white

We love the beginning of summer when the sun is shining but the unbearable heat hasn't kicked in.

Looking through the pictures on our phones, I realized we have a fascination for club sports and unhealthy baked goods. Enjoy!

Mini-croqueting with the Lloyds. Turns out Adam is a champ and me...well, not so much. This was also the aftermath of my horrible sunburn and André stepping on a bee during our inaugural Seven Peaks trip of the summer...we barely made it through.
 Evening soccer games
Rewarding ourselves with a trip to Bruge's Waffles and Fries after a Memorial Day "hike". Best waffles and fries we have ever had! It's a good thing we don't like in Salt Lake or we might be broke and obese soon.
 I'd been hearing about these Art City Days scones from my co-workers forever, so we had to check them out. The verdict? Tasty, but not as good as the people watching.
PGA Tour Saturday. Five mini-golf courses across Utah Valley and some serious competition. André pulled through with a come from behind win.
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