Thursday, May 16, 2013

a lot of things happened

just a little catch-up:

Andre graduated! We had a wonderful weekend with the Kaisers and my parents and lots of sunshine. Yay Andre!

We decided on a law school, then got a better offer and decided again. University of Colorado in Boulder, here we come!

I went to Texas for work. Barely left the hotel. But it was swanky.

While I was gone, Andre celebrated his birthday with his family in Colorado.

Then I joined them and had a wonderful baby shower.

And now we are here, two months away from our baby boy and a big move and getting excited for summer and warm weather and babies. Our to-do list is through the roof but we are feeling great about the changes in store. Hooray!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


just a few photos from the depths of our phones:
clockwise from left:
//we've decided to get good at tennis ("good" is a relative term), but the byu courts didn't like our running shoes so we played in our socks
//power serve
//churro bites for cinco de mayo...basically donut holes; we should have gone all in and made real churros instead
//a typical to-do list during the great ant battle of 2013. (don't worry, the pests are long gone)
//a little baby crafting
//i held a tarantula! the things I will do for a fun size snickers.
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