Thursday, April 11, 2013

little letters

Dear law school,
Why do you have to be so expensive? We would like to eat more than beans and rice for the next three years.

Baby Boy,
Thanks for the constant tap dancing in my belly. We are so excited to see you in just three more months!

Dear ants,
Beware. If any of you survived the Great Kitchen Battle of 2013, I will come for you. Tell your friends.

Dear naptime,
Please come earlier in the day. Or just come at all. 9:30am sounds good?

Dear Husband,
You graduate in just 2.5 weeks! So excited! So proud!

Dear pregnancy brain,
Forget all the doubters, you are real. And terrifying. In the last week, I have lost two oranges at work, mysteriously found two water bottles on my desk, forgotten where I live, and torn my office apart looking for a paper I left on the printer. Oh boy. 

Dear springtime,
You teased us with beautiful weather a few weeks back, and I wouldn't mind if you did it again, but for now these rainy mornings are just fine with me (but don't tell anyone, I seem to be in the minority)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

red rock roadtrip

As soon as I heard about babymoons, I was hooked. A last chance for a couples vacation before the kids come? Sign me up! This weekend we packed our bags and headed to sunny Radiator Springs St. George for some relax fun in the sun.

Rock scrambling time. Andre made his way through "Fat Man's Misery", but I thought it was best for the baby if I didn't squeeze myself through a 12 inch wide cavern and was just the photographer. Turns out my husband is like a little kid around all those red rocks.
Downtown time. Art festival, great people watching, missionary tours

Delicious food time. We seriously ate our weight in amazing food. But then we walked it off, so it doesn't count.
Bed and Breakfast time. Old polygamist homes, clawfoot tubs, squeaky stairs, and gourmet breakfasts. An excellent choice.
Temple time. Beautiful. And I learned that maybe that skirt isn't the most pregnancy flattering and should be retired for the next few months. A 24.5 week baby bump.
St. George, we love you and the sunburns we got and the time we got to spend together without Andre doing homework.
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