Monday, March 18, 2013

weekend adventurers

There's something about a bright spring weekend that makes us want to try new things. I somehow convinced Andre to put aside his homework and have some fun adventures this weekend.
Look! We wore shorts! and no coats! What a day!

Our weekend kicked off with Soccer Saturday--a pick-up game in the morning and the Real Salt Lake game in the afternoon--my first professional soccer game. Andre may have quietly cheered for the Colorado Rapids, but at least we didn't get beat up by RSL fans!

We kept trying new things with our festive St. Patrick's day dinner on Sunday. I woke up from my tired and pregnant Sunday nap to find Mr. Kitchen Adventurer creating new roll and jello (green, of course) recipes. What a champ!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday thoughts

+ Shamrock shakes are back, people! Even the non-mint fan Kaiser kids were impressed.

+ We were at a dinner this week where these boys were honored. Almost all of them are getting ready to serve missions soon. What an inspiration! (read the article, its a good one)

+ We are in the process of organizing/purging everything we own. 2 bags to DI, 2 bags of trash, and some stuff pawned off on friends. Cleansing feels so good.

+ I ordered a steak salad this week. I feel my family will really appreciate the progress I am making. Steak! Andre has helped, and now I am actually ordering it at restaurants. Progress!

+ the perfect Sunday mornings are a little bit of sleeping in, spring rain showers, and relaxing with scriptures and journals. Thank you, stake conference, for giving us a break from early Sunday mornings.

+ oh yeah, our baby is a BOY! We are so excited and a little overwhelmed. But mostly excited. Little baby sunday shirts! miniature swim trunks! bow ties!

Because every blog post should have a picture--from our Colorado trip a few weeks ago
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