Monday, December 9, 2013

turkey time 2

because better late than never, right?
Even though these pictures would tell you otherwise, we actually spent time with lots of family over Thanksgiving and loved it. Impending finals meant that André's break wasn't much of a break, but we did get to spend the real turkey day together and enjoy good food, football, and of course the dog show.

Our pre-Thanksgiving festivities included a chilly trip to the zoo (Rhett liked the sea anemones) and some Greek food. We celebrated an early Christmas when all the Kaiser kids where here and  Rhett couldn't stop staring at his new booties. That boy loves his feet. And I made a pie (from scratch! this is a big deal!) and it wasn't horrible.

We have a lot to be grateful for, and it all revolves around the Savior and the great people in our life.

and for your post-Thanksgiving viewing...we're up all night to get turkey

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

november according to my iphone

a little glimpse into our month of thanks...
 sunday selfies. because let's be honest--we spend a lot of time in the mother's lounge
"make it snappy" = our new favorite shirt
gma and her great-grandbabies
grumpy baby in his new colorado hat
 we had to make the trip to casa bonita for gross mexican food and cliff divers so i could be fully indoctrinated in colorado culture
andré was just super excited to take rhett to black bart's cave like when he was a kid
private concert with uncle shane
boulder farmers market. the people watching was as great as you would expect it to be
 pizza date
cute moose
rhett's mail from barack. too bad the intern didn't bother to capitalize or spell his name correctly
we put our baby in a straight jacket to sleep and feel a little bad about it, but he sleeps (kind of) like a champ now
rhett does a little christmas shopping
adventures at the zoo. sometimes our baby looks like benjamin button
hands in mouth. all day every day.
just the cutest happy boy you've ever seen.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

you know you are a new mom when...

  • you get sad when your baby grows out of their cute 0-3 month clothes
  • you don't know what to do with yourself when your baby takes a 30 minute nap in his crib
  • your workout routine doesn't involve arms--you'll get your workout hauling the carseat around
  • you rejoice when you can sleep in til 6am. baby sleep habits, oh boy!
  • loud noises make you jump, even if your baby isn't asleep
  • you wonder why you get weird glances in the aisles of Target, until you realize talking to your mute baby makes it look like you are talking to yourself
  • "little red caboose" and "4 little ducks" are stuck in your head, not the popular songs on the radio
  • you get more excited to shop in the baby department than in the lady's department
  • you feel happy, excited, grumpy, and frustrated all within a five minute period
  • you can't be bothered to use punctuation or capitalization on a regular basis due to exhaustion. this makes some of your freelance writing projects a little difficult.  
but i guess this guy is worth it all. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

little letters

Dear self,
Recommit yourself to No Crap November. Your body (and mind) will thank you.

Dear baby boy,
You are adorable and I love you, but these nights with three hours of sleep on the rocking chair are hurting my neck a lot and my soul a little bit. Cribs are great places to sleep, kid.

Dear Thanksgiving,
Can't wait to see you! I need some stuffing and cranberry sauce in my life. Not to mention the pie...maybe No Crap November will have to take a little break.

Dear November,
You've been killing it with the weather lately. 60 degrees and no snow in the middle of the month? Maybe a Colorado winter won't be so bad! (haha, yeah right!)

Dear strangers on the BV bus,
Keep being weird. Sure, my husband has to put up with your crazy antics on his commute, but the stories are super entertaining for me.

Dear library story time,
You make me feel like a real mom. You know, the kind who takes her kid to story time and chats with the other moms. But really I just love you for the little kid watching as they run wild and my immobile baby sits nicely on my lap.

Dear Christmas shopping,
I love you! My bank account, not so much.

Monday, November 4, 2013

October according to my iphone

 Mr. Manager// Loving the fabulous fall weather and playing outside// Doctors office mirror shots--because what else is there to do whilst waiting? Plus, I had to show off that chub// Sometimes Rhett wakes up super happy in the morning. Just sometimes
André scored Rhett a football that was just his size, so of course we had to have a Broncos photoshoot// You can't really tell, but there is a goat on top of that car. Adventures at the pumpkin patch// Delicious homemade pizza, tomatoes and basil fresh from the garden// The boys take Broncos games pretty seriously around here

Friday, November 1, 2013

this is halloween.

We had big plans for Halloween this year, but the thing about having a 3-month-old is that he doesn't really understand things--he is just along for the ride. Poor Rhett was (generally) a pretty good sport with our shenanigans. Hopefully he isn't scared too badly.
We had a lot of ideas for our costume to the couples party. Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox (to take advantage of André's beard), then Mr. and Mrs. Pacman. But a fussy baby made it hard to make costumes so we dug through the dress up bin right before the party to become the Incredibles. We didn't win any contests--there was some stiff competition
With our little JackJack
Rhett was the cutest garden gnome and even kept his hat on like a champ. Too bad he outgrew his costume before actual Halloween. The kid is a chunk.
Franken-baby at the law school party.
A little photo sesh of Rhett in his backup costume in the leaves. That boy loves to eat his hands.
Things went downhill pretty quickly
Visiting biker grandpa at the middle school on Halloween. Rhett was the star of the school.
And of course he had to try on the biker hair. Poor baby.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

wednesday night thoughts

[+] I've been re-watching The Office season 9 on Netflix when I have to get up in the middle of the night, and oh my gosh, you guys. Jim and Pam, keeping it real.

[+] Not working full-time and staying home with a baby is a strange transition. I could probably write a novel about my struggle to adjust. But the weirdest part? Having to slow down for school zones when I go places in the middle of the day.

[+] Ducks on a water slide. You will not be sorry.

[+] You know you're an adult when you don't mind writing a freelance article about health insurance. Oh boy.

[+] I've been trying to convince André to let me take Rhett to get all the Halloween freebies for kids. But apparently three month olds don't need free Jamba Juice or trick or treating candy (something about not having teeth), so we'll just wait until next year.

[+] Our first trip to the temple since before Rhett was born made me want to be better. To do better, be bolder, and feel greater. So I'm recommitting myself to all the good things and bringing back no crap November in a few days. This is going to be great.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

pumpkin patchin'

I convinced Andre to take a study break on Saturday so we could enjoy a beautiful afternoon at the pumpkin patch. Rhett celebrated his first pumpkin patch outing by wearing a hoodie to match his dad and sleeping almost the entire time. We loved the beautiful fall leaves and especially the textbook-free time we could spend together!
Rhett's trying on a pumpkin for size. This is what he gets for falling asleep.

Lil' Sebastian!
Matching Daddy/Baby hoodies in the corn maze. Rhett's sad eyes just kill me.
We asked a kind old woman to take a picture of us in front of the pumpkins. She made us rotate until we just had cars in the background. Just imagine a beautiful pumpkin patch behind us.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

life lately

Aside from our law school/baby raising routines, here are some recent happenings:
Sassy baby is learning to smile
Beautiful Colorado sunset
Matching boys for a Broncos game
Our favorite law student in the courthouse
Rhett showing his BHS cross country pride at a meet
Flooding. This was as bad as it got in our neighborhood
One day Rhett would only sleep outside
Andre had lunch with Sandra Day O'Connor
Tired old man tourist baby at Broomfield Days

Monday, September 9, 2013


It was Rhett's big day this weekend as he recieved a name and blessing from his dad. We loved having so much family there to celebrate Rhett. We sure do love our baby boy!
Rhett got progressively fussy during these pictures, but he sure looks cute in his blessing outfit. (The booties were long gone by this point)

Priesthood holders in Rhett's blessing
Nana and Poppy made the trip. Poppy loved meeting his newest grandson and bonding with his middle name-sake.
And of course we had to give my parents a taste of Colorado. We gave them a tour of Boulder, complete with great people watching, and went on a beautiful hike. Andre is a cool dad. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

a lot of things happened, part 2

What's new with the Kaisers the past month?

We had a baby

Rhett Toby Kaiser
(and now he is a month old, so it's about time we posted about it)

I went on maternity leave then quit my job

We moved to Colorado

Andre started law school

Would I recommend doing all of these things within two weeks of each other? Probably not. But we are adjusting and surviving and getting into our new routine as a little family of three!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

zoom zoom

We've decided the best way to pass the time waiting for baby is to stay as busy as possible. We spent yesterday afternoon at a free car show, where we were thoroughly entertained by both the people and the cars. I think André would have taken any one of those cars home.

And we may have seen our future--retirees with super nice cars just camping out at all the car shows.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

the first week of july...

was full of picnics, parades, fireworks, cherry picking (and the resulting cherry ice cream pie), friends, practicing our baby wearing skills with stuffed animals, free movies, air conditioning, cold medicine, and baking experiments.

Loving summer!

after my last narcissistic post, here are lots of photos of my handsome husband

Monday, July 1, 2013

proof for my sister

My sister said I was faking my pregnancy, so here are the pictures to prove it.

We had big plans at the beginning to take a picture of my growing bump after church each Sunday. Turns out that as you get more pregnant, the draw of a Sunday nap is stronger than the draw of documenting your ballooning there are definitely more pictures from the beginning. Some days I feel huge (What to Expect When You're Expecting even called me a baby hippo the other day), but looking back I realize I've grown a whole baby in my belly!

Just two weeks to go--we can't wait to meet this little guy!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

pregnancy brain

Before experiencing it myself, I thought pregnancy brain was a myth and a scheme by pregnant women everywhere to be forgetful.

Oh how wrong I was. Pregnancy brain is real. Very, very, disturbingly real.

For the sake of my posterity, here is a sampling of some of my finer moments:
  • Last week I was inches away from squirting toothpaste, not mousse, on my freshly done hair
  • Taking three wrong turns on my short drive to work and circling the (half full) parking lot three times before picking the perfect spot. This has happened more times than I would like to admit
  • Milk in the cupboard, cereal in the fridge. At least I quickly realized my mistake.
  • Once I brought an orange to eat at work that I somehow lost and then found later in the day, all the while not remembering if I had already eaten the orange. Turns out there were two oranges floating around the office and I only ate one.
  • Sitting in a work meeting and fiddling with a waterbottle I thought was mine. It was fine until I went to take a sip and my boss casually asked if it was mine. Turns out it wasn't. I still get made fun of.
  • I normally pride myself in being good with names, but it has all gone out the window with pregnancy. We've known each other for years? Sorry if I blank on your name for a few minutes.
Pregnancy is definitely a humbling experience...less than four weeks left!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

summertime in black and white

We love the beginning of summer when the sun is shining but the unbearable heat hasn't kicked in.

Looking through the pictures on our phones, I realized we have a fascination for club sports and unhealthy baked goods. Enjoy!

Mini-croqueting with the Lloyds. Turns out Adam is a champ and me...well, not so much. This was also the aftermath of my horrible sunburn and André stepping on a bee during our inaugural Seven Peaks trip of the summer...we barely made it through.
 Evening soccer games
Rewarding ourselves with a trip to Bruge's Waffles and Fries after a Memorial Day "hike". Best waffles and fries we have ever had! It's a good thing we don't like in Salt Lake or we might be broke and obese soon.
 I'd been hearing about these Art City Days scones from my co-workers forever, so we had to check them out. The verdict? Tasty, but not as good as the people watching.
PGA Tour Saturday. Five mini-golf courses across Utah Valley and some serious competition. André pulled through with a come from behind win.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

a lot of things happened

just a little catch-up:

Andre graduated! We had a wonderful weekend with the Kaisers and my parents and lots of sunshine. Yay Andre!

We decided on a law school, then got a better offer and decided again. University of Colorado in Boulder, here we come!

I went to Texas for work. Barely left the hotel. But it was swanky.

While I was gone, Andre celebrated his birthday with his family in Colorado.

Then I joined them and had a wonderful baby shower.

And now we are here, two months away from our baby boy and a big move and getting excited for summer and warm weather and babies. Our to-do list is through the roof but we are feeling great about the changes in store. Hooray!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


just a few photos from the depths of our phones:
clockwise from left:
//we've decided to get good at tennis ("good" is a relative term), but the byu courts didn't like our running shoes so we played in our socks
//power serve
//churro bites for cinco de mayo...basically donut holes; we should have gone all in and made real churros instead
//a typical to-do list during the great ant battle of 2013. (don't worry, the pests are long gone)
//a little baby crafting
//i held a tarantula! the things I will do for a fun size snickers.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

little letters

Dear law school,
Why do you have to be so expensive? We would like to eat more than beans and rice for the next three years.

Baby Boy,
Thanks for the constant tap dancing in my belly. We are so excited to see you in just three more months!

Dear ants,
Beware. If any of you survived the Great Kitchen Battle of 2013, I will come for you. Tell your friends.

Dear naptime,
Please come earlier in the day. Or just come at all. 9:30am sounds good?

Dear Husband,
You graduate in just 2.5 weeks! So excited! So proud!

Dear pregnancy brain,
Forget all the doubters, you are real. And terrifying. In the last week, I have lost two oranges at work, mysteriously found two water bottles on my desk, forgotten where I live, and torn my office apart looking for a paper I left on the printer. Oh boy. 

Dear springtime,
You teased us with beautiful weather a few weeks back, and I wouldn't mind if you did it again, but for now these rainy mornings are just fine with me (but don't tell anyone, I seem to be in the minority)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

red rock roadtrip

As soon as I heard about babymoons, I was hooked. A last chance for a couples vacation before the kids come? Sign me up! This weekend we packed our bags and headed to sunny Radiator Springs St. George for some relax fun in the sun.

Rock scrambling time. Andre made his way through "Fat Man's Misery", but I thought it was best for the baby if I didn't squeeze myself through a 12 inch wide cavern and was just the photographer. Turns out my husband is like a little kid around all those red rocks.
Downtown time. Art festival, great people watching, missionary tours

Delicious food time. We seriously ate our weight in amazing food. But then we walked it off, so it doesn't count.
Bed and Breakfast time. Old polygamist homes, clawfoot tubs, squeaky stairs, and gourmet breakfasts. An excellent choice.
Temple time. Beautiful. And I learned that maybe that skirt isn't the most pregnancy flattering and should be retired for the next few months. A 24.5 week baby bump.
St. George, we love you and the sunburns we got and the time we got to spend together without Andre doing homework.
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