Thursday, October 4, 2012

oh hello there

What have we been up to when not being sick, working 80+ hour weeks and studying for the LSAT?
Not a whole lot.
But we are trying to squeeze in a little fun.
Some highlights:
Last weekend I went with a group of our donors at work on a little nature photography expedition up the canyon. Are you kidding me with how gorgeous these colors are? I nearly died.

A few weekends ago when we were both quite sick, I dragged us off the couch to the chalk festival. We were a slow-moving, kleenex-clutching, stomach-cramping sight to see, but we went, darn it. And we loved it. Some people are so talented.

But my favorite moments are the little moments we spend laughing or cuddling on the couch. Even if we only see each other for 15 minutes, Andre always knows how to cheer me up after a long day, like when I came home to this:

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