Sunday, September 2, 2012

Only in Provo... (by André)

So, having lived in Provo now for a few years and having gone various places outside Utah Valley you begin to realize that there are certain things one sees and hears in Provo that one would not see/hear elsewhere. I have made a collection of some of the most notable I have noticed over that past year or so and present it now to you for your amusement and pleasure:

1. Only in Provo is a normal Suburban not big enough to carry all the kids...

2. Only in Provo would someone post on every light pole down University Ave. that they were missing their cactus...

3. Only in Provo would you see these two personalized license plates within days of each other...

 Mr. Monk, kind of cool but Chzstk... who wants their license plate to say Chzstk? That's what you get when you let your two year old name the car. "Tim what should we name the new car?" "Cheesestick!" "Why?" "'Cause I like Cheesesticks mom!"

This could have been an honorable tribute to Disney until they slapped on some good ol' Harry Potter and Hunger Games. "My other ride is a Firebolt" Really DsnyAna, Really?

4. Only in Provo could two 22 year old's get away with people thinking they had kids
(don't worry these aren't actually ours)
5. Only in Provo could you find an authentic Pioneer village open to the public daily except Sundays...

6. Only in Provo (and this is possibly the most ridiculous one so far), only in Provo do people start camping out for the 4th of July Parade in excess of 24 hours in advance...
Seriously, people camp out a day in advance. They bring their 40" HDTV's, gaming systems, barbeques and tents and just stay up all night playing Halo, grilling cheap hot dogs and otherwise gallivanting. Who started this? Better question, how do hundreds of parents think this is a good idea for their young children?

7. Only in Provo.... (This deserves no header its just downright shameful)...

8. Only in Provo would I hear the following conversation between two girls who hadn't seen each other all summer but ran into each other during the first week of classes at BYU...
"So how was your summer?"
"Well, do you remember my Gale/Peeta situation?"
"Yes" (in an excited and expectant "tell me more" tone)
"I'm dating the Peeta one"
"Oh good!"

Girls, you're going to make me hurl my lunch. Seriously.

If we do end up staying here for law school don't be surprised if we start getting a bit odd. For example, if Michelle joins the Twilight Moms club you'll know she's hit an all time low and I'm spending far too much time on schoolwork. If you start noticing anything out of the ordinary with us, please, as loving friends and family INTERVENE!


  1. bwahahaha these are all priceless.

  2. That's my dsnyana car!! Laughing with my daughter that she Googled our car and found it! Love your lists they kept us laughing but, we still love all our decals including the Harry Potter and Hunger Games. And it's still a tribute to Disney. ;) Anna


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