Wednesday, July 25, 2012

little notes

To the pioneers,
Thanks for crossing the plains. Besides giving us Utah, youth conference treks, and 1996 EFY classics like "You Don't Have to Cross the Plains", I'm really glad that because of you we get a holiday with no obligations and sunny weather. Thanks.

To the Greeks,
When you created the calendar system, I doubt you thought about Pioneer Day 2012 being on a Tuesday, but I'm sure glad you made it that way. One day of work then a bonus weekend day then back for a three day week? The greatest.

Dear Ichiro,
I never thought I would see the day that you would leave Seattle, and for the worst team no less. Well, it's been real. I'll be trading in my Ichiro Mariners jersey and cheering against you on the Yankees, but in a few weeks when the outfielders aren't robbing people of home runs, I'll probably be missing you. (Listen to Death Cab for Cutie's Ichiro Theme here. you will love it.)

To the Olympics,
Wow, we love you. A lot a lot. Can't wait to watch you in a few days, cheer for our team, and get really into an obscure sport (this year I'm feeling kayaking and rhythmic gymnastics)

Dear knit jersey,
Please stop being so stretchy and difficult to sew! I've heard all about you on Project Runway, but you are not the favorite fabric of this novice sewer.

To my sweet husband,
Thanks for laughing with me and helping me improve. I can't believe we've almost been married a year-- what a year it has been!

the summer of mini golf--some of us are more intense about it than others.

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