Thursday, June 21, 2012

east coastin'

 We had the best time spending a week with the Treasure family on the east coast. We rented a large and vintage lake house in Virginia for the perfect week of relaxing, exploring, and spending time together.

Some highlights:

We loved spending time on the water! Kayaking was a fav, and we may have scared away the neighbors with our lively game of catch the watermelon. (Instructions—drop a watermelon in the lake and have fun throwing it around. Kind of redneck, but super fun)

The Olympics André and I planned were a hit!

After years of hearing about Rita's Andre's favorite treat on the mission and an east coast exclusive, the entire fam had to check it out. We loved it!

We adventured to beautiful Monticello one day and even took a detour to check out the UVA law school.

Visiting the Luray Caverns in our matching shirts and deciding we could never be cave explorers of yore.

But we really just enjoyed spending time together. André is in the running for favorite uncle and we had a grand old time. And of course, what vacation isn’t complete without a trip to urgent care? (Don’t worry, André is fine)

Our last day we got to go into Washington DC for a bit so I could show Andre around and of course get a toasted marshmallow shake from Good Stuff (heaven on earth). I loved being back in my favorite city, if only for a few hours.

A wonderful week with my favorite people. Now if only we didn't all live so far away from each other!


  1. Thanks for letting us have a peek at your great family week. Looks like a great time.

  2. oh Michelle, you always leave me hanging. Why did Andre end up in urgent care? Who won the Olympics? And did someone, in fact, catch the watermelon??


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