Wednesday, May 9, 2012

things we've learned recently...

so it turns out...

all Peter Breinholt songs sound like EFY
Rooftops and almost-super moons make for the best evenings
Homemade Cafe Rio pork makes a disproportionate amount of tomatillo sauce and give you leftovers for days
Planning for a husband's birthday is probably more fun than planning for your own
The Avengers is the greatest
Middle school kids aren't as cool as you thought you were in middle school
Being able to actually sleep in on a Sunday is also the greatest
Andre makes breakfast in bed like a champ
And also does a spot-on impersonation of a dancing walrus
Hot dogs are even better when they are free

Andre checking out a recliner in the RC Willey parking lot (we just come for the hotdogs), rooftop concert with Peter Breinholt, Avengers!, breakfast in bed

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