Tuesday, May 29, 2012

equation for memorial weekend

evening at the batting cages
battle wounds from wild pitches
a little shopping with some wedding gift cards
restful Sunday with delicious food and an evening stroll
a trip to the copper mine (it was huge!)
asian tourists
a picnic in a quaint town, window shopping, smoothies
a weekend that makes it hard to head back to reality on Tuesday

(p.s. happy 10 month-iversary to us!)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

and then we went to Colorado

Six reasons our trip to Colorado last weekend was da greatest...
1. Spending time with the Kaiser fam.
2. Becoming a cake ball master
3. Touring the CU Law School and imagining a life in Boulder (crazy, right?)
4. Re-visiting the middle school years. It's a miracle I made it out of four years of middle school with my ear drums intact.
5. Taking a lovely bike ride with my husband
6. Rooting the Mariners to victory in a sea of Rockies fans. What's that they say about a house divided?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

they say it's your birthday

Andre's birthday was nearly two weeks ago, but better late than never, right?

I'm no longer a cradle robber, now that my dear husband has joined the 23 club! We had lots of fun celebrating Andre's birthday, including decorating the apartment, going on a picnic dinner, a Brazilian feast at Tucano's and dinner and cake with friends. Happy birthday to Andre!
Birthday boy on a picnic
He even wore the birthday crown I made him. What a guy!

And of course, it would be Andre's special day if he didn't take advantage of the birthday clubs. He got free ice cream at Coldstone and Baskin Robins and free lunch at Noodles and Company plus a free Redbox. Plus we took advantage of the buy-one, get one free meals at Tucano's and Red Robin.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

things we've learned recently...

so it turns out...

all Peter Breinholt songs sound like EFY
Rooftops and almost-super moons make for the best evenings
Homemade Cafe Rio pork makes a disproportionate amount of tomatillo sauce and give you leftovers for days
Planning for a husband's birthday is probably more fun than planning for your own
The Avengers is the greatest
Middle school kids aren't as cool as you thought you were in middle school
Being able to actually sleep in on a Sunday is also the greatest
Andre makes breakfast in bed like a champ
And also does a spot-on impersonation of a dancing walrus
Hot dogs are even better when they are free

Andre checking out a recliner in the RC Willey parking lot (we just come for the hotdogs), rooftop concert with Peter Breinholt, Avengers!, breakfast in bed

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