Tuesday, February 21, 2012

weekend retreat

sometimes you just need a relaxing break
sometime you are poor newlyweds with just the time/money to head 40 miles north
sometimes it makes for the best weekend.

we took off early from campus and started with the weekend with a session at the [beautiful] Salt Lake temple followed by dinner overlooking temple square. Us and the old folks, just how we like it.

The rest of the evening was full of exploring temple square, finding a delicious gelato place (nutella gelato = heaven on earth), hanging in the hotel hot tub and just relaxing.

The next day we went shopping at the Gateway and stumbled upon an Olympics anniversary celebration where André into old friends.
I met a silver-medal winning bobsledder I'd never heard of and got to wear his medal. He loved that I trained for bobsled when I was younger. I even dreamed of winning a silver medal (because I'm humble like that). So this was a dream. come. true.
We ended the day with the most delicious Mexican food at Red Iguana and headed back to Provo. Short and sweet, but a perfect chance to get away and relax.

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