Wednesday, February 15, 2012

day of love

disclaimer: I don't want to be a braggy, look how great of a wife I am kind of girls, but this needs to be documented. you know, for posterity. You have been warned.

It all started with an invite in our love mailbox. André had LSAT class until late on Tuesday so we opted for a dinner in. I had been planning the menu and was so excited to get cooking when I came home from work.
The place settings. Wedding placemats, name cards, and fancy glasses from the dollar store. classy.
A bouqet for boys. Thanks Pinterest. We have a bet as to how long the candy will last. André is very stingy with his sweets.
Delicious dessert.
Beautiful flowers that André delivered to me at work made the perfect centerpiece. The occasion was also a reason to break out my old prom dress (seriously). André was a champ and put on a tie on his day off work.

Then we cuddled up on the couch with our free Redbox. The only decent-looking movie left to rent was Real Steel. So romantic.
And with that, it was a perfect Valentines Day!

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