Sunday, February 26, 2012

from the vaults

I was reading my freshman year journal the other day and came across this gem...        

September 23, 2007 Abby, who had been running up and down the stairwell trying to do her homework, yelled from downstairs that something was wrong with Andre and that we needed to come quick.  Liz and I hopped right down and ran to see what had happened, but Rachel and Whitney stayed on the couch and didn’t seem to realize the direness of the situation.  So we run back down to the lobby and find Andre sprawled out on Adam and Steven’s laps with his eyes closed.  It looked pretty tragic and he was shaking in pain/death, but then I looked at Steven’s face and realized that he was trying really hard not to laugh.  Suddenly Andre said “I’m dying” in a very deathly sounding voice and I was really convinced he was dying, but then he grabs my hand and was like “to go to Homecoming with you!” and he jumps up, totally healthy and everyone laughs.  And I fell for it the entire time!        

Our first date. Crazy to think that in four years we went from this..
to this...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

weekend retreat

sometimes you just need a relaxing break
sometime you are poor newlyweds with just the time/money to head 40 miles north
sometimes it makes for the best weekend.

we took off early from campus and started with the weekend with a session at the [beautiful] Salt Lake temple followed by dinner overlooking temple square. Us and the old folks, just how we like it.

The rest of the evening was full of exploring temple square, finding a delicious gelato place (nutella gelato = heaven on earth), hanging in the hotel hot tub and just relaxing.

The next day we went shopping at the Gateway and stumbled upon an Olympics anniversary celebration where André into old friends.
I met a silver-medal winning bobsledder I'd never heard of and got to wear his medal. He loved that I trained for bobsled when I was younger. I even dreamed of winning a silver medal (because I'm humble like that). So this was a dream. come. true.
We ended the day with the most delicious Mexican food at Red Iguana and headed back to Provo. Short and sweet, but a perfect chance to get away and relax.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

day of love

disclaimer: I don't want to be a braggy, look how great of a wife I am kind of girls, but this needs to be documented. you know, for posterity. You have been warned.

It all started with an invite in our love mailbox. André had LSAT class until late on Tuesday so we opted for a dinner in. I had been planning the menu and was so excited to get cooking when I came home from work.
The place settings. Wedding placemats, name cards, and fancy glasses from the dollar store. classy.
A bouqet for boys. Thanks Pinterest. We have a bet as to how long the candy will last. André is very stingy with his sweets.
Delicious dessert.
Beautiful flowers that André delivered to me at work made the perfect centerpiece. The occasion was also a reason to break out my old prom dress (seriously). André was a champ and put on a tie on his day off work.

Then we cuddled up on the couch with our free Redbox. The only decent-looking movie left to rent was Real Steel. So romantic.
And with that, it was a perfect Valentines Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

this weekend we...

filed our taxes
took a practice LSAT (him) and went to church training (her)
worked and did lots and lots of homework
went to lots of church meetings
releasing our inner 5-year-olds...delicious dirtcups
 but then we also...
went to a friend's surprise party
enjoyed delicious Malawi's pizza
took a late night walk to Smith's to get ingredients for dirt cups
tossed candy into each other's mouths from across the room
watched the snowfall and snuggled on the couch

so i guess that overall it was a pretty great weekend.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the cake

birthday cakes are really just an excuse for husbands to play with fire and wives to eat sugar during the week.

I had a fabulous birthday full of work, hair dye (yup, you read that right), girlfriend dinners, cake and presents (i am spoiled) and snuggling with my husband. just perfect. 
Here's to making 23 the best year!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

insta x4

recent happenings:
1. my first hockey game. there was a fight and body slams. it was the greatest
 2. we've taken to doing our personal scripture study curled up in bed in the morning. it makes it even harder to get out of bed
 3. we found an old banner from China to decorate my cubicle. loved the ambiance for about an hour until it blocked out all the florescent light
4. no coats or tight to church in February, what?

(goal=use instagram more)
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