Monday, December 31, 2012

it's been real, 2012

If the world were to really end this year, I think we would be ok with it. Not in the whole post-apocolyptic, everyone dies sort of way, but in a "we ended on a good note" kind of way.

So here it is, our first full married year, the end of the world, 2012 in review:

In January André started LSAT prep and we said goodbye to Saturday mornings and two nights a week together. I got a new calling as Relief Society president and was overwhelmed and excited all at once.

In February we celebrated my birthday, and I dramatically rang in my new year with a new hair color. We had a quiet Valentines Day in, and then spent a relaxing weekend in the "big city" where he hot-tubbed to our hearts' content and ate our weight in delicious gelato. (both exaggerations)

In March our family lost a dear friend, our Camry Spunky Sally. Luckily, we upgraded to our new bff, Rocky. It's true love. André got ridiciously good at getting free things and samples.

André ended the semester for a short break in April and we took the first of our spring trips to Colorado.

In May it was back to Colorado again for Chelsea's graduation, when the Mariners heartily beat the Rockies and I recieved some "friendly" ribbing from the Kaiser clan. We spent a relaxing Memorial Day with the Asian tourists at the copper mine and a quaint picnic in the park. We celebrated André's birthday with a picnic, friends, and lots of delicious food.

June took us across the country for a week of Treasure craziness in Virginia. We kayaked, played, and won Olympic medals. And André got his ears power cleaned out. We also kicked off the great fry hunt of 2012 and took a lovely camping trip.
In July we got rid of the title of newlyweds and celebrated our first anniversary. We learned that year old cake isn't disgusting and that maybe all food storage should be in cake form. We also became experts at mini golf and water slides.
August brought us back to school. André quit his job at the MTC and started the craziest semester ever. LSAT prep was still in full swing. We loved every minute of the Olympics and got really into archery and kayaking. Like an unhealthy amount.

September was busy busy busy. I got really sick right before the busiest week ever at work, so that was cool.

October finally relieved us from the pain of the LSAT. It also brought a Kaiser visit for General Conference and a festive Halloween.

We spent November enjoying the fall season, spending Thanksgiving in Seattle, and André spent 8 hours on the phone on election day. Gotta love being a stats major during the exit poll.

In December we boycotted turning our heat on. André survived finals and we rode off into the sunset to enjoy Christmas with the Kaisers in San Diego.
Looking back at this year, we feel so blessed for all we have and the great people we get to surround ourselves with. We are excited for new adventures and change in 2013!

Friday, December 21, 2012

some Christmas cheer

We became real people this year and sent out our first Christmas cards and Christmas "letter". But we're cheap real people and only sent out the few cards we got for free. So in case we missed you, here is your official Merry Christmas 2012 from the Kaisers.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

things i could blog about, round 2

  • andre's first law school acceptance (so proud)
  • our favorite Christmas traditions in action
  • the fact that finals are almost over, and two weeks from now we will be on a sunny vacation!
  • our internal daily battle on turning on the heater (so far we have won, but with high temps in the 20s, the heater may make its comeback soon)
  • a Christmas crafting binge
  • how heated blankets are the greatest thing ever
  • that one time we dominated a small child at mini-golf
  • how Andre played a beautiful original composition at church and people cried
  • our progression through seasons of "The Office" now that it's too cold to go outside
  • this beautiful Christmas song:

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

a t-riffic Thanksgiving

we had the best time celebrating Thanksgiving in Seattle!

Some highlights, brought to you by the letter T:
turkey (I actually had a couple bites this year and didn't mind it!)
touring UW's law school
torential downpours
tourist activities (the Great Wheel downtown is wonderful)
Treasure family time
taking multiple naps a day
turning my parents house into Christmas town (or really just making a mess of the Christmas decorations)

We loved having a relaxing few days to unwind and relax with family. Yay Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

when traditions go wrong

We've been good at keeping Halloween traditions this year--hay rides, carving pumpkins, etc. but I wanted to try something new for our little family--enter chocolate chip pancakes for Halloween dinner.
 Well, let's just say it wasn't pretty but it tasted good and Andre gobbled it up. And now we have a whole year to perfect chocolate chip pancakes before next Halloween (let's be honest, it's probably the easiest thing I cook so I don't know what went wrong).

Since our Price is Right costumes from Halloween 1.0 were kind of a bust, we scrounged for ten minutes to find these beauties:
tourists/retirees/eccentric billionaires!
not the most creative costumes at the party, but everyone knew what we were.

happy halloween! now, onto Thanksgiving!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

fall festivities

// general conferencing //
// animal scaring //
// date coat wearing //
// early halloween-ing (bob barker and a price is right contestant, obvs.) //
// pumpkin patching // 
// face hole-ing // 
//kite flying // 
//pizza making // 
//witch watching//

We sure love autumn in these parts and will find any excuse to fit a little fall adventure into our lives. 
We are savoring the last few moments of the season before it's time for holidays and lots of family time!

Monday, October 15, 2012

to make you glad...

Happy Monday!
3 things to make you glad:

1. This picture my mom texted me. She is a gem in my junior high-recycled clothes

2. These costumes.  We may or may not have spent a good chunk of time giggling our way through the pages.

3. Andre's law school battle cry:

Monday, October 8, 2012

proudly published

Dear friends,

The latest issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine is gracing mailboxes across the country, and I must say it is my best issue to date. Here is a link to the complete mag, or see highlights from my feature story below.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

oh hello there

What have we been up to when not being sick, working 80+ hour weeks and studying for the LSAT?
Not a whole lot.
But we are trying to squeeze in a little fun.
Some highlights:
Last weekend I went with a group of our donors at work on a little nature photography expedition up the canyon. Are you kidding me with how gorgeous these colors are? I nearly died.

A few weekends ago when we were both quite sick, I dragged us off the couch to the chalk festival. We were a slow-moving, kleenex-clutching, stomach-cramping sight to see, but we went, darn it. And we loved it. Some people are so talented.

But my favorite moments are the little moments we spend laughing or cuddling on the couch. Even if we only see each other for 15 minutes, Andre always knows how to cheer me up after a long day, like when I came home to this:

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Great fall weekends are full of friends, beautiful weather, a clean home, Sunday afternoons in the kitchen, meeting new neighbors, football, spiritual nourishment, handsome husbands, and lots of laughter.

And on extra great weekends, you get a chance to wear your prom dress.
And that, my friends, is what made this weekend so great.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

hello, goodbye

this weekend it was out with the old and in with the new as we said goodbye to summer and welcomed fall.

We spent our Labor Day enjoying the last day of the season at 7 Peaks, getting our terrifying-ly tall water slide on, our lazy river on, and our sunburn on. One last sunburn to last us into the cool months ahead.

We also headed up to explore Sundance this weekend. Robert Redford, you've done good. We loved being in the cool mountain air and seeing the beautiful signs of fall.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Only in Provo... (by André)

So, having lived in Provo now for a few years and having gone various places outside Utah Valley you begin to realize that there are certain things one sees and hears in Provo that one would not see/hear elsewhere. I have made a collection of some of the most notable I have noticed over that past year or so and present it now to you for your amusement and pleasure:

1. Only in Provo is a normal Suburban not big enough to carry all the kids...

2. Only in Provo would someone post on every light pole down University Ave. that they were missing their cactus...

3. Only in Provo would you see these two personalized license plates within days of each other...

 Mr. Monk, kind of cool but Chzstk... who wants their license plate to say Chzstk? That's what you get when you let your two year old name the car. "Tim what should we name the new car?" "Cheesestick!" "Why?" "'Cause I like Cheesesticks mom!"

This could have been an honorable tribute to Disney until they slapped on some good ol' Harry Potter and Hunger Games. "My other ride is a Firebolt" Really DsnyAna, Really?

4. Only in Provo could two 22 year old's get away with people thinking they had kids
(don't worry these aren't actually ours)
5. Only in Provo could you find an authentic Pioneer village open to the public daily except Sundays...

6. Only in Provo (and this is possibly the most ridiculous one so far), only in Provo do people start camping out for the 4th of July Parade in excess of 24 hours in advance...
Seriously, people camp out a day in advance. They bring their 40" HDTV's, gaming systems, barbeques and tents and just stay up all night playing Halo, grilling cheap hot dogs and otherwise gallivanting. Who started this? Better question, how do hundreds of parents think this is a good idea for their young children?

7. Only in Provo.... (This deserves no header its just downright shameful)...

8. Only in Provo would I hear the following conversation between two girls who hadn't seen each other all summer but ran into each other during the first week of classes at BYU...
"So how was your summer?"
"Well, do you remember my Gale/Peeta situation?"
"Yes" (in an excited and expectant "tell me more" tone)
"I'm dating the Peeta one"
"Oh good!"

Girls, you're going to make me hurl my lunch. Seriously.

If we do end up staying here for law school don't be surprised if we start getting a bit odd. For example, if Michelle joins the Twilight Moms club you'll know she's hit an all time low and I'm spending far too much time on schoolwork. If you start noticing anything out of the ordinary with us, please, as loving friends and family INTERVENE!

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