Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's been real, 2011

I think its safe to say that 2011 was our best year yet. There were lots of big changes, but I am struck at how blessed we are. A look back at some of our favorite moments of 2011:

In January I headed to Texas to do some pre-SuperBowl PR for a nonprofit. I started my last semester of college, bowled the most terrible game, rued Utah winters and cheered for Jimmer.

February started with a bang with my pancake birthday party and the big 2-2. We rode in a carriage and ventured to the dinosaur museum for the first time. André made his first trip to Washington when we headed home for a long weekend to spend time with my family in Seattle.

March was busy with school, job applications and getting ready to graduate. We loved March madness and the start of springtime. Senior-itis began to kick it. Oh, and we got engaged at the end of the month-- paying attention in school became nearly a lost cause

April was busy busy with wedding planning and lots of fun. The Kaisers came out for General Conference and we spent the weekend playing in Salt Lake. André started his dream student job of working at the MTC. There was swanky girls weekend in Park City. And I graduated.

In May I started my first real-person job and dove headfirst into insurance plans and paid vacation. André discovered that maybe spring classes aren't as fun as playing. I made my first ice cream cake and we hiked and explored all over Utah.

By the time June hit we were ready to get married. André finished up his classes, I kept working and we became regulars at the farmers market and local shave ice stands.

July was a big month, starting with the worst sunburns in our lives. We headed up to Washington towards the end of the month to spend time with all of our families. I went through the temple for the first time and we were married on July 28th.

August started off with our honeymoon to Victoria, Canada where we met a violin-playing Darth Vader. We put the finishing touches on our new home and enjoyed married life and took a trip to Colorado for our beautiful backyard reception.

September brought busy back to school. We loved the warm weather and start of fall and hiked and explored a lot. André became the master of finding freebies.

In October we were famous a couple of times. We were the Incredibles for Halloween and hosted a few fall-themed get-togethers. André even let me ride a tractor.

In November work and school absorbed our lives. We hosted our first Thanksgiving when the Kaisers came to town.

December was a flurry of parties, Christmas prep and loving the season. We took our first trip to the ER and spent Christmas with my family in Seattle where André learned just how much it rains in the Northwest.

And just like that we are ready for 2012. It may be hard to top this year, but we are excited to whatever comes next!

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