Wednesday, November 30, 2011

thanksgiving is for turkeys

oh thanksgiving break, you wonderful thing.
we had a lovely week full of family, food and fun.
since Andre had to work most of the break, the Kaisers decided to bring the party to us. We had lots of fun adventures and loved hosting our first Thanksgiving together! We managed to cook everything in our small, one-oven kitchen and didn't even burn the house down! Some highlights:
exploring Park City
a dream come true--sitting in an Olympic bobsled (replica). Andre is going to have to subdue my new desire to train for the next Olympics
BYU basketball game!
lots and lots of games and treats
delicious turkey
lights at Temple Square
visiting the Draper Temple
and we even celebrated an early Christmas!


  1. It was a great week you were both great as host and hostess. You forgot to mention seeing/hearing Vocal Point which was worth the price of admission for sure!

  2. You're right! It was the first highlight on my list, but it must have gotten deleted. Definitely one of my favorite things we did!


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