Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Don't worry folks, we are alive. The last few weeks have brought sickness (my first sick day in years), lot of work and homework for André and lots and lots of work for me. This week was our biggest conference of the year with most of our biggest donors on campus and I found myself working 15 hour days nearly every day. Poor André was forced to do his stats homework and eat frozen pizza all by himself. It was a good experience and I learned a lot, but I couldn't help but be glad this happens just once a year.
We are excited to have (most of) our evenings back together.
But not to worry, we have done some fun things in the last little bit:
 went to a taping of the BYU football pre-game show and watched the game on the big screen
dressed up as the Incredibles for Halloween for our rocking ward party. I even made these owl cupcakes from Pinterest and they were a big hit.

Had a cider and games night with some friends. We ate way too much sugar and had too much fun.

Snow is falling in the mountains and André's midterms are picking up. We sure are excited for the rest of fall and holidays with our families!

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