Thursday, September 22, 2011

triumphs and tragedies

my FHE group used to do this every week...a way to celebrate the wonderful and not so wonderful things of the week.

--On today's afternoon walk, we decided to go get André's bike from the outdoor place in the Wilk, where it had been getting a tune-up. Right before we got there, the power went out on campus so even though his bike was done, they couldn't take a credit card and the ATM didn't have power either, so this boy guy had to walk to work.
--Getting our flu shot, the worker man asked if I was pregnant, but it definitely came out "you look pregnant". The other (female) workers rushed to assure me I don't look pregnant but I guess its time to double up on the ab workouts
--Post flu-shot lethargy had us both digging for meds for a few days. But not to worry, we are on the up and up

--Fall is just around the corner!
--I got to work from home one morning this week and it was wonderful. Lounging in my sweats eating toast while writing and getting paid? Sign me up. And bonus--I was more productive than I would have been at my office
--I finally spelled Illinois right on the first try without spell check. This is a huge accomplishment
--Evening walks to get free milkshakes at Arbys. delish.
--André played a spiritual joke on his (very gullible) missionaries at the MTC. It may have been borderline false doctrine, but he and they both loved it and he came home grinning from ear to ear.
--Flu shots with Looney Tunes bandaids. Thanks, BYU insurance!
--We got to take a walk together on campus almost every day this week

and to make you glad, we've been singing this all week...

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