Thursday, September 15, 2011

I gave André a chance to blog, but for some reason he was busy with more important things (like school...whatevs)

Here is a little glimpse into life lately at the Kaiser home:
 Bekah and Jesse got married! We were so happy for them and excited to go to our first sealing that wasn't ours. There is something special about being in the house of the Lord on such a special day. We loved spending the day with good friends!

We were also the accomplices in Adam's proposal this week. We got to be stealthy and sneak around and make up codes and although we aren't the greatest proposal masterminds (there were a few minor mishaps), Ashley said yes and they couldn't be happier.

 Back on the home front, we love cooking and are realizing Sunday meals are one of our few chances to do it together. It's so fun to have our own place and have friends over for dinner or dessert.

Once we got coupons for free Chic-fil-a breakfast, so we drove all the way to American Fork to get our free food. We paid for our chocolate milks in quarters from our change bag. So sue us, we're poor newlyweds.

Other than that, our days are busy with work, school, evening walks and late night cuddles.
Our apartment is slowly becoming our little home and we love it.
Oh, and once André ate a burger as big as his face.

(I just realized almost all of these pictures are about food. Welp, there you have it)


  1. Hey! I just found your blog and I am totally bookmarking it. I am all about keeping up with the Kaisers. =)


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