Monday, August 29, 2011

weekend update.

It was a big weekend in the Kaiser home.

1. We celebrated our 1 month anniversary. We feel like the veterans now that we are counting our marriage in months, not weeks.
2. We ate our weight in pizza, went back to school clothes shopping and watched a little Psych.
3. After months of anticipation, we went berry picking. It is one of my favorite summer activities and André had never been before. We picked some delicious berries and got free sunflowers as we were leaving. Lovely!
4. We did our callings for the first time at church. I led the music and lost all feeling in my right arm. André coordinated the Sacrament and it was great.
5. We made delish raspberry ice cream with our hand-picked berries and had a nice evening with the soon-to-be Claussens.
6. André went back to school today. I made him take a picture before we left this morning, but really he was going to work first and then to school. I also went back to school today, but just because I work there. It was weird being back on campus with so many people when I'm oh so passed the student phase.

Our evening activities consist of a ward bbq, then laundry, dishes and blogging (her) and stats studying (him). Welcome back, school!

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  1. Hey, you two! I found your blog through Ashleigh's. How fun! I hope you don't mind if I link you to mine, too. Ours is if you are interested!
    Glad your new married life is going so well!


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