Wednesday, August 24, 2011


so I live with a boy.
and although we are the best of best friends and have known each other for years, being married and living together brings out the quirks.
milk. 2% for him, skim for her
laundry. andré folds his clothes retail store style. I'm more of a fold it in half and hope for the best kind of girl
sleeping habits. andré smacks his lips when he sleeps. I apparently wiggle my knees and use my hands like I'm talking.
cereal. I use 1.5 small bowls. He uses 2 big bowls.
snacks. André will eat any kind of chip at any time. I prefer a mix of sweet and salty.
place to leave our shoes. Mine are in the dining room every day. His are by the front door.

It's an adventure and we learn new things about each other, but being married seriously is the best!
his and hers closet...can you guess whose side is whose?


  1. This is too funny! As far as folding goes, I'm like you and John like Andre...interesting that the boys are better folders. :)
    And John grew up putting peanutbutter in the fridge...sometimes I still find it there.

  2. Hilarious! Those quirks can be funny/annoying, but if you can smile and enjoy them they make marriage even more fun.


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