Monday, August 29, 2011

weekend update.

It was a big weekend in the Kaiser home.

1. We celebrated our 1 month anniversary. We feel like the veterans now that we are counting our marriage in months, not weeks.
2. We ate our weight in pizza, went back to school clothes shopping and watched a little Psych.
3. After months of anticipation, we went berry picking. It is one of my favorite summer activities and André had never been before. We picked some delicious berries and got free sunflowers as we were leaving. Lovely!
4. We did our callings for the first time at church. I led the music and lost all feeling in my right arm. André coordinated the Sacrament and it was great.
5. We made delish raspberry ice cream with our hand-picked berries and had a nice evening with the soon-to-be Claussens.
6. André went back to school today. I made him take a picture before we left this morning, but really he was going to work first and then to school. I also went back to school today, but just because I work there. It was weird being back on campus with so many people when I'm oh so passed the student phase.

Our evening activities consist of a ward bbq, then laundry, dishes and blogging (her) and stats studying (him). Welcome back, school!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


so I live with a boy.
and although we are the best of best friends and have known each other for years, being married and living together brings out the quirks.
milk. 2% for him, skim for her
laundry. andré folds his clothes retail store style. I'm more of a fold it in half and hope for the best kind of girl
sleeping habits. andré smacks his lips when he sleeps. I apparently wiggle my knees and use my hands like I'm talking.
cereal. I use 1.5 small bowls. He uses 2 big bowls.
snacks. André will eat any kind of chip at any time. I prefer a mix of sweet and salty.
place to leave our shoes. Mine are in the dining room every day. His are by the front door.

It's an adventure and we learn new things about each other, but being married seriously is the best!
his and hers closet...can you guess whose side is whose?

Monday, August 15, 2011


we're back from a great weekend in Colorado.
a fabulous reception and time spent with family.

For the past 5 Sundays, we've attended 5 different wards.
in 3 different states (plus Canada)
We've traveled by plane, boat and car.
and hauled countless loads of stuff up the 3 flights of stairs to our apartment.

we're excited to be back from our travels
slowly but surely things are coming together and feeling like home.
we still have presents to sort, pictures to hang and projects to do.

but we're just living the newlywed life and loving being married!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


We had a fabulous honeymoon to Victoria, Canada! I know what you're thinking--you honeymooned in Canada?!? But let me tell you, it was absolutely perfect. We loved being able to relax for a few days and still enjoy some sightseeing, people watching and fabulous food. If these pictures don't convince you to go to Victoria, I don't know what will.

To start, our hotel upgraded our room to a fabulous suite and we were greeted with a personalized note and a plate of chocolate truffles.
We loved walking around downtown, touring the Parliment buildings and acting fancy at the Empress.
 André got in touch with his inner Canadian
  We enjoyed a fabulous trip to the Butchart Gardens at dusk, just as the garden lights were turning on. Paired with the most fabulous fireworks/light show we'd ever seen (like a classy Canadian version of Disneyland), and it was a perfect evening.
We rented bikes and biked along the coast, taking breaks to rock scramble around tide pools and eat a picnic overlooking a bay.
...and then we rode off into the sunset on our boat back to Seattle. 

Also, Victoria has some fabulous street performers and buskers who were out in full force for BC Days. Our favorites? Plasterman and the violin playing Darth Vader.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

we're kaisers!

We did it! We tied the knot! 
After a most perfect wedding day and honeymoon, we are back in the real world. 
We finally have sheets, hot water and internet.
and are just loving newlywed life.

being married really is the best.
(Here's how we feel about it)
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