Sunday, August 21, 2016

a week of firsts

Big kids went back to school this week, which means my favorite time of year is here--cooler temperatures and toddlers everywhere with no one to compete with at the parks! (it's the little mom things that make me happy). We've still got a few weeks of summer before preschool starts, so we're soaking it in with lots of fun new activities!
The Fort Collins temple open house started this week, so we spent FHE talking about and building temples. Rhett was very pleased with his creation.
We checked out the city's free nature walks for preschoolers this week, and it was a total hit. Rhett's favorite part hands down was the magnifying glass, obvs.
And a bonus, we found a beautiful reservoir we'd never been to before. 
Kids Club at the mall. Rhett loved the games and songs, I loved the free shirt. Plus we ran into his BFF William, which was fun for the moms to chat and the boys to love each other. This is a 5 Little Monkeys dance party--Rhett and William are right up front like the true groupies they are. 
Our first official practice for the temple cultural celebration. This is 50 young women learning to dance like "rain". I've got to work on my leaps, but I think it will be pretty awesome when it all comes together. Now excuse me while I'm off at twice weekly practices for the next two months!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

little letters

Dear zucchini,
It's that time of year again when I can't get enough of you. Bring on the bread, muffins, and zucchini parmesan! (and the extra trips to the gym).

Dear Olympics,
Thank you for being the best (obvs) and for giving me allll the emotions. And as an added bonus, thanks for being the best parenting tool ever. Rhett will do anything if it means he gets to watch a little bit of the Olympics before going to bed. I owe you big time, Bob Costas

Dear alone time,
I got to savor you this weekend when the boys were gone for three days, and it was a little bit nice, a little bit overwhelming, and a little too quiet. Me time is nice for a few days (shopping by myself was heavenly!), but it was great when Andre and Rhett rolled back into town.

Dear smallpox,
I'm reading this book and learning way more than I ever wanted to know about infectious diseases and pustulation and quarantines, so three cheers for smallpox being eradicated!

Dear Rhett,
We just bought your first-ever first day of school outfit and I'm mostly excited (but a little nervous) about it. Preschool!

Dear Christmas,
I'm weirdly already planning for you? I know, I know, there are four-plus months to go, but presents! decorations! new traditions! so much to love.

Monday, August 8, 2016

more summer fun

Now that the Bar and earnings season are over, we can finally have some fun!
Some recent summer happenings:

We threw together a race car birthday party for Rhett at the park. He was in heaven to have all of his buddies in one place. Each kid got a new hot wheels car that they loved "racing" down the ramp.
So many friends! So many cupcakes!
Our weekend camping trip got rained out, so we drove five hours roundtrip to the Kit Carson Carousel from Andre's childhood that he has been telling me about for years. Totally worth the drive. That place is magical.
Equally magical was the amazing wooden playground across the street. We played there for hours and seriously could have stayed all day.
When in po dunk Colorado, do as the locals do. Old Town, obvs.
The museum had a warehouse full of old tractors and cars, so clearly Rhett was in heaven.
The way summer is meant to be enjoyed--pants-less and with a popsicle
Baker in training. Having a kitchen that is actually big enough for more than one person means that Rhett can help me. Making cookies for dessert potluck was serious business for him.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

craziest week of the year

We've known for a while that the last week of July was going to be killer, but then things just kept getting added to the calendar and we knew we were in for a doozy. Oh, and did I mention it was one of the busiest weeks at work for me? The week was crazy, but boy, was it a good one!

Monday was Rhett's birthday, so after swim lessons we head to the downtown children's museum for some fun and an impromptu trolley ride. One of the conductors sang Rhett a happy birthday song in German, and he was utterly confused. We had a little Thomas cupcake and some presents and called it a night!
Riding the trolley. "Just like Daniel Tiger!"
Tuesday and Wednesday were the Bar (dun dun dun). 18 hours of testing in two days. Andre left at 5:30 each morning and didn't get home until around 8. Draining, but he felt really good about it. Now we just have to wait until October for the results.
In other news, Rhett got his first professional haircut and aged 10 years overnight
Thursday was our first family time together in months (no exaggeration). We went to the water park where Rhett turned into a daredevil and insisted we go down the big water slides over and over. It was a blast. He was terrified of the toddler slides but loved the big slides on our laps--toddler logic, man.
Thursday was also our anniversary, so we dropped Rhett off at a friend's and enjoyed a four course Italian meal (thanks, Groupon). Andre practically had to roll me out of the restaurant, but it was so good and so nice to actually spend some time together reflecting on five (!!) years and talking about the future.
Together! In daylight! and the silly face phase has begun
Friday was a blur of wedding prep, a family party where I thought it would be a good idea to make a Lightning McQueen cake (it was actually pretty fun and Rhett loved it, but holy cow, it took forever), and family time that ended with us collapsing on the couch with Netflix.
The cake that turned everyone's teeth pink. So. much. food coloring.
Saturday was Chelsea and Cody's wedding and it was beautiful. Sure, I had put off hemming my skirt until an hour before we had to leave and the weather was scorching, but other than that it was great. The sealing was magical, my wedding date was a stud, and Rhett rocked the dance floor with his new girl of the moment, Gwen, Cody's niece. We laughed, we danced, we soaked in the love. A good (and long) day.
We belong on a Mormonad that says "Eternal Marriage! It's great!" Also, you know life is good when you seriously have to ask the question "how many jumping pictures is too many jumping pictures to post in a week?"
The cutest little boy in a bow tie, the studliest grooms-dude, and the most beautiful bride
The brothers played their ukuleles and sang for Chelsea and Cody's first dance
DJ Dre
Rhett was a ring bearer for the ring ceremony and obviously took his job very seriously. He was so proud of himself.
Rhett and Gwen rocked the dance floor and were seriously the last ones out there.
Needless to say that by the time Sunday rolled around, we were in our pajamas by 6 p.m.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

biking, cousins, and summer fun!

It's the summer of bikes at our house. We've been trying to get Rhett more comfortable with his Strider bike, and he is loving it. This was the 4th of July bike parade (hence the pithy "decorations"). He was the slowest one, but he did the entire loop and scored a free day at the water park!
 Loving the glow sticks on the 4th of July. Rhett was obsessed with the fireworks and gave great commentary. 
 Cousins came to town! Rhett and Joanna snuggled together with the stuffies. 
A toddler-led Thomas story time, of course. 
 The crew! We had the best time and wished they could have stayed longer. 
 Rhett started swim lessons this week, and we're loving our new condo pool for extra practice. Dad makes the best teacher!
We stumbled on the greatest kids safety say (free bounce house, lunch, and coupons? yes please) and Rhett was super brave and climbed in the massive Army truck all on his own.
Strider races! I knew we had to sign up--how great would it be watching two-year-olds try to bike race? And it did not disappoint. They all got official race swag bags and everything. Note the official starting gates and course flags. It took a lot of coaxing to get everyone into position without crying. 

 In the zone! Rhett did awesome during practice but got a little scared for the real race. I went alongside him at his own pace, and he finished the course in both heats! 
 Will race for snacks. I guess this makes me an official Strider mom. We'll be back next year!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

moving day

we moved! i drove a uhaul! life is full of accomplishments.
we're settling into life in the 'burbs, but I'm a little gloomy about leaving Boulder. Our new place is awesome and has all the amenities that normal people enjoy (air conditioning! a dishwasher! a washer and dryer!) that we haven't lived with for a while, so that's great. but that little shoebox place in boulder will always have a special spot in my heart.
some things I never want to forget:
walks along Boulder Creek from our backyard
the amazing people watching
neighbors from all over the world and being a minority for being American
being able to walk everywhere
hippies/hobos on every corner
our quirky apartment with nasty floors and a fridge that didn't open all the way because the kitchen was too small and how it was always super hot
how Rhett would yell or sing the abcs on the stairs to hear the echoes between the buildings
scoring great freebies at the dumpster
water day and slip n slide love
so much good food in Boulder!
those gorgeous mountain views around every corner
being able to go to Pearl Street/Chautauqua/hiking whenever we wanted
a free membership to the jankiest gym of all time
cyclists everywhere!
amazing people and a ward that made us feel so loved
waving a daddy's school every time we drove past the law school
farmer's market samples
story time at the library
so much excitement over seeing a Buff Bus or a buff garbage truck
some of Rhett's first words were learning the names of the city busses

Sunday, June 26, 2016

summer fun!

Wow, June just flew by! Andre is knee deep in Bar prep, so Rhett and I are squeezing in all the summer fun and saying our goodbyes to Boulder. Some favorites:
 A trip to the goat farm! Rhett was a little scared at first, but he eventually warmed up and thought it was hilarious when they jumped on things. Downside: we smelled like goats for the rest of the day. 
Rhett found it disconcerting that the goats loved to eat my skirt, but I was loving it
 From the goat farm we were off to community day at the fire station, which was serious business for Rhett.
 We love our neighborhood water day! Slip n slide all day every day!
 We stood in line for an hour to get five free pizzas when Lebron's new pizza shop opened. Definitely worth it. 
 At least three times a day, Rhett snuggles with his stuffed animals and calls me into the room to say "awww". This day was so cute I took a picture and Rhett had to make sure Owl was looking at the camera and smiling. 
 Climbing boulders in Boulder 
 The Pearl Street train is our favorite! Rhett hammed it up and waved to all the tourist and homeless people we passed.
 Soaking in our last days of having this gorgeous creek in our backyard. 
 Open house at the local airport! Future pilot in the making. 
 An evening picnic at our favorite park--Rhett looks at this picture and belly laughs because he thinks he is so funny. 
 Missionary Nana and Poppy came to visit on their way to the mission field! We took them to the bike park where Rhett showed his strider skillz. 

Ice cream cones with Nana!
 Rhett surprised us with his bravery at a family BBQ when he let Bob take him for a ride on the ATV. He even asked to ride again. Our timid boy is growing up!
Our best garage sale find (probably ever)? $5 for an entire box of wood train tracks and trains. Rhett (and Andre) are in heaven. 
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