Sunday, October 15, 2017

little moments: september

it is legitimately the middle of October and the site I use to make collages just started charging to save pictures (you're dead to me picmonkey), but better than late than never, right? My posterity will thank me. September!
 These two. All the heart eye emojis. This was the beginning of the few weeks where Rhett wanted a picture on the chair with Tessa almost every day. 
 Soccer started. He's obsessed and it is so much fun to watch. 
 We went to the kite + plane festival and Rhett got to fly a model plane. He was in heaven and the teenage boy who made the plane was so nice to him. 
 Miss Sass is done with the mother's lounge photo session. But those shoes! and the (way too big) headband!
 Broncos pride for the first game of the season
 The cutest face I've ever seen. 
 I think this was the day Rhett declared that he and Tessa are best friends. And note the gingerbread and candy cane socks--guess who picked those out. 
 Tessa's first playground experience. Life is so much more exciting out of the stroller. 
 Some early morning Star Wars reading, of course. 
 Finally used our Butterly Pavillion passes. 
 So many games of "Mom, what word does this make?"
 We figured out that if I jog with the stroller and Rhett rides super fast, we go about the same speed, which made for some fun exercising adventures. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

good things lately.

The weather is changing and it's been rainy and cold this week and I mostly love it. Mainly because I can finally wear my favorite sweats and hoodies at night and also because Tessa wore baby tights to church for the first time on Sunday and it was adorable. Other good things I want to remember:

  • We scored two Tessa-sized zuchinis from our neighbor and have been slowly working through them. I've made zuchini parmesan a few times, at least three double batches of muffins (our freezer is stocked), bread for the home teachers, and zuchinni pizza. And there's still half a zuchini left! I think I may have met my match.
  • Watching my kids become friends is one of the best feelings I've had as a mom. I didn't expect it to happen until they got older, but Rhett and Tessa are becoming best buddies. She loves watching him and gets the biggest smile when he is around. Rhett smothers Tessa with kisses and loves to play with her. "She's just so adorable"--Rhett, about five times a day.
  • We're almost done with No-Spend September. This is the second year we've done it and it is so so good. No extras, just spending on essentials for the entire month. A few things came up (like a broken sprinkler valve and as wasp attack), but our bank account has enjoyed the much-needed rest about all the house projects, furniture, etc. But what I'm really excited about it re-evaluating our finances and being more strategic in our saving/investing. So adult! Definitely still on the lookout for good personal finance tips, so sent them this way!
  • We're getting really excited for Halloween around here. It's Rhett's favorite holiday, and I want it to be extra special for him this year. It's also the first year he is going to help make his costume, and I'm super excited for us to work on it together. (But please, send patience when it actually happens. Preschoolers + spray paint + hot glue could be a trying combination).
  • I'm officially a soccer mom and I don't hate it. I volunteered to be the "team mom" aka treat organizer and put way too much thought into putting together healthy snacks for the first game. It is seriously hilarious to watch--we spent half of the first game laughing and the other half yelling at the kids to kick it towards the other goal. But Rhett was so so happy. The parents made a tunnel for the kids from both teams to run through after the game, and their little smiles were so worth it.
  • I'm getting back in my workout groove and it feels good. I've switched to night workouts after the kids are in bed, except for weekends and a few mornings where I just started working out with friends from church. Cranky babies and preschoolers aren't anything some endorphins can't fix!
  • Tessa is the sweetest baby. We put her in the bumbo for the first time this week and I think she loves the new perspective. She'll just hang out there and watch everything for the longest time. And smile--she is so smiley. 
I could go on and on about exciting work projects, furniture shopping, holiday plans, the great shows we're watching, Andre's new side hustle, and so much more. But that's for another time. 
The two faces of Tessa--she's either super smiley or super serious

Sunday, September 17, 2017

book chat 6.0

It's back! The book reviews that no one asked for--I just have a lot of thoughts. (And I've done this 6 times??) A nursing baby means I have plenty of time to read on my trusty Overdrive app. I've been branching out and finally tackling books that have been on my "To Read" list for literally years. Some recent reads:
The Orphan Keeper
The Rent Collector is my go-to book recommendation because literally everyone loves it, there's nothing bad in it, and most people haven't read it. I was all over it when I realized Camron Wright wrote another book. The story (a young boy in India gets kidnapped and ends up in an orphanage and tries to find him past and family as an adult) is pretty amazing, but I was definitely left with some questions at the end. It gave me the feels, though, and was a quick read, so I would definitely recommend it. And now I just want to watch Lion because I feel like the plots are similar?

I've been hearing about people's love for this book forever, so I gave it a shot. A few chapters in I remembered I don't like period dramas, and this is definitely a period drama. It has some modern, sarcastic humor and a ridiculous plot, so I soldiered on. I'm not a Jane Austen fan, so a lot of the references went over my head. But the movie trailer looks just like I pictured, so that's my next order of business.
Still Alice
This book seriously affected me. I thought the characters were great and the story was a fascinating look into Alzhemiers. I made the mistake of watching the movie trailer half-way through the book and saw Alec Baldwin as Alice's husband, which changed him for me in the book. Also I thought I was getting Alzhemier's as I was reading when I couldn't find my keys, until I realized it was just mom brain. Not the thing.

A Man Called Ove
Full disclosure: I didn't actually finish this book. I really wanted to get into it, but I couldn't, so I got 2/3 of the way done before I had to return it. But I liked Ove as a character (like old Ron Swanson meets my grandpa but super cynical) and enjoyed the dark humor. I'll put it back on my list and finish it someday.

The Five Love Languages for Children
This came as a recommendation in Relief Society, and I mostly just skimmed it. It led to some major mom guilt because he says why every love language is important and if you're not doing everything to foster each one in small children, they could be super messed up when they get older. Woof. But there were some good ideas--apparently kids don't have a leading love language until they're 5 years old, so I'll revisit it in a few years.

I've (kind of) broken out of my usual YA and self help reads! (I say that and my next two books in line are Spark Joy and a re-read of The Selection--ha). But send your recommendations my way!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

tessa's blessing weekend

We had a special weekend last weekend to bless our special Tessa Larae. We were so lucky to have so much family come to town to celebrate! What a special day for a special girl who is so loved.
We were so happy Nana and Poppy could come out from their mission for a quick weekend trip. I love this picture of Tessa meeting her Treasure grandparents for the first time. 
 A trip to White Fence Farms, of course!
 Nana made Tessa's blessing dress and it was perfect--she looked like our sweet little angel!
 Sometimes I still can't get over the fact that we're a family of four! Took these pictures as our neighborhood block party was happening across the street.
This is the good stuff. A backyard full of family, games, and food. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

little moments: august

I think August was about four days long. Seriously, where did the time go? But I am so glad the weather is cooler down and fall is coming and we're getting back to our school-year groove. August was a great end to summer:

Lots of baby snuggles...especially when she refuses to take naps on her own.
That face! The "gun fight" at Casa Bonita was very concerning to Tessa
Sibling snuggles every morning. Rhett loves his baby sister.
The smiles definitely came in this month and we can't get enough.
 We found another free train! We have been racking them up this summer and no one is complaining.
Little girl, big world.
BYOC (bring your own cup) Slurpie day at 7-11. A great day and a new family tradition.
Solar eclipse. I regretted not driving a few hours to totality, but the viewing party at the library was still pretty cool, especially for the boy who loves space. 
 We ordered bookcases, and this is how they were delivered--sprawled in front of the garage door. Of course I was already running late when I had to drag them inside. The picture was to share my frustration with Andre.
More morning snuggles.
Rhett started Pre-K and is already loving it. It's going to be a great year.
Doctor's room selfies are back! Tessa doesn't have as much chub as Rhett did, but that doesn't mean those thighs aren't still squeezable. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Catching up on some more summer fun that hasn't made it to the blog yet:
 Tessa and her Great Grandma Kaiser. Rhett loves playing at her house because of her collection of vintage Hot Wheels cars to play with, and now Tessa loves it for the snuggles.
Rhett got a free ticket to Lakeside from the summer reading program. Andre warned me that is was super run down and hadn't been updated in years, and he was right. But Rhett couldn't care less and had an amazing time. We rode every ride and went on the kiddie coaster about 4 times. Definitely worth it for free!

 Littlest one on the frog hopper. 
We relived Andre's childhood and ended the night with the train ride around the lake with a view of the lights coming on all the rides. These Colorado summer nights get all the heart eye emojis. 
 This face! I don't think Tessa had ever seen herself before--clearly she was interested in her cute face. 
Nature story time at the library meant all the kids got watering cans to water the library's plot in the community garden, but it quickly spread and Rhett ended up over-watering a few random plots, but at least he was learning?

This summer has definitely been slower-paced with a new baby, but we've loved time exploring new parks, playing with friends, going to the splashpad, and just playing at home!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

cousin fun!

We had so much fun with the Richardsons in town this week! I think they've seen more of Colorado in their two weeks here than I have in four years of living here. We met up around town for some adventures, and then they stayed with us for the weekend. Rhett was in heaven with so many cousins to play with! I just wish we lived closer so this was a more frequent occurrence.
 Amy loved Tessa and picked out her clothes and held her everyday. The feeling was mutual. 
 Watching the action at the candy factory--Hammond's is always a crowd-pleaser.
 Playing in the corn "maze" at the farm. Janice found free things to do we'd never done before. 
 Riding the Belleview Park train. Rhett's second time riding it in a week!
 Cousin bath time! These two are five months apart and went from being best buddies to worst enemies in a matter of seconds. But mostly they loved playing together. Now we're saving this picture until Rhett's wedding.
 Scott was obsessed with baby Tessa!
 Casa Bonita! It can't be described, it has to be experienced. It was a little crazy, but the kids (and adults) loved it!
 Park time! 
Isaac was initiating the kids into the "Awesome Club". Clearly it was serious business.
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