Sunday, April 30, 2017

little moments: april

It's seriously May already? This month flew by in a blur of paperwork and work and playdates and paint samples. But it was also awesome. Some favorite April moments:
 Home Depot kids workshop. Rhett mastered the hammer and the paintbrush and came home with an adorable bunny basket box
The essentials for general conference: coloring page, prophet card, hot chocolate, stuffed animal.
The daily ritual of lounging on the couch with allll the stuffies
Fun with friends at free Ben and Jerry's day
It's been a puzzle frenzy around here lately--Rhett is showing off how big the puzzle is compared to him
Just a teenager hanging out at the park
These two...I just can't get over it
A city-sponsored dinosaur nature walk with a view. Rhett and Lua were super into it.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

things to remember lately

Life is speeding by...there is a lot of craziness and a lot of big life changes coming soon (I feel like this is just how we do things, with lots of huge things every few years with calmness in the middle). Here are some snippets I don't want to forget:

Rhett's job for helping set the table is to put the napkins on the table and clear them when we're done eating. He didn't want to do it one night, so Andre said he could either do the napkins or wash the dishes. It was supposed to be punishment, but Rhett really wanted to do the dishes and now he's an expert--a messy, slow expert, but he does it all the same.
I love serving in young womens. The girls are getting ready for trek (I volunteered to bring a newborn along for authenticity, but for some reason no one went for that) and we spent last week at the fabric store picking the perfect print for their matching skirts. They are so sweet and great and laugh at my dumb jokes.

Andre shaved his beard out of the blue a few weeks ago and surprised us when he came out of the shower clean shaven. It took Rhett a few minutes to realize what was different until he said "Dad, I can't see your beard!"

I need to accept the fact that I just can't make no bake cookies. I tried again on Sunday and after the fact remembered that I haven't successfully made them since we've been married. They taste great, but just never harden and stay a gloopy mess. Time to cut my losses.

But! Andre got me a bundt pan for my birthday and I've been making bundt cake for any reason I can lately. This is totally my jam--easy to make, looks fancy, tastes great. Just call me the bundt queen.

Rhett slept in our closet the other night because the Richardsons were staying with us for the night. We were a little worried he would be traumatized, but he loved it and was sad when I had to take the air mattress down. This kid.

My slow attempts at making a baby quilt continue. Finding the motivation is hard, but I finally cut the squares and will (maybe) pin it tonight. My goal is to finish it this week (ha) before works gets ultra-crazy next week.

Paint samples and carpet and appliances and furniture and everything else!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

Between the hopeful messages, flowers, and chocolate, Easter is a fabulous, rejuvinating holiday. We spread out the celebration this year so Rhett was a little confused when actual Easter rolled around, but I think he loved it and got it this year. 
I heard about Easter Bunny story time at the mall. Turns out it is just one of the photographers reading a single Easter book next to the bunny, who stopped interacting with us after he realized we were going to shell out the $30 for an official picture. At least Rhett loved it. 
Play group Easter egg hunt where somehow we didn't get any pictures of all the kids together. It was a little crazy, but so fun to watch the kids scamper and get all the eggs. 
Dying Easter eggs. If we look a little concerned, it's because the egg was falling off the holder and crashed right after the picture. 
Stuff came up and we missed the big egg hunts, so we did a little one at home instead. It was a little spontaneous, hence the mismatched pajamas and cowboy hat. Cowboy Rhett waits in anticipation.
The loot.
 The best picture I could get of Rhett before church. $1 bowtie from China, Grandpa's hat from when he was little, and his new Easter dog named "Beast"...pretty typical. 
Matching blue ties after eating alll the Easter foods. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

a day in the life 2017

I last did this when Rhett was 1, and I've been meaning to do it again for some time. I'm sure I'll look back at this in a few months and laugh at the simplicity of life with one kid. But for the records, here's a "typical" day in the life with a 3.5 year old and 6 months pregnant.

5:40: Wake up. I've gotten into this great/terrible habit of climbing back into bed after going to the bathroom to snuggle Andre for a few minutes, which makes it even harder to get out of bed again.

5:50: Scripture study on the couch. I had every intention of going to the complex gym this morning and reading my scriptures on the bike, but then it snowed and I gladly stayed home. So it's scriptures on the couch and a YouTube pregnancy workout video that is basically choreographed walking with some leg lifts and a little ridiculous.
6:30: Rhett wakes up, Andre gives him a stack of books, I finish my workout and hop in the shower.

7:00: Family prayer before Andre heads to work. Rhett finishes reading books in his room until his clock turns green at exactly 7:05, then it's morning puzzles and books before a breakfast of oatmeal and yogurt.

7:45: I clean up the kitchen and get ready for the day while Rhett plays with his cars.

8:20: We bundle up for the snow and head to preschool. We're out the door a few minutes ahead of schedule even with the bundling, which is a total win. At school, Rhett drives his monster truck into his classroom for show and tell, we switch out his boots for tennis shoes, and give hugs.

8:35: Home and back in yoga pants. What's the point of working for home if not to be comfortable? I tidy up the house, then find a good spot on the couch to work and watch the snow fall.

9:45: Granola break and a move to the kitchen table. Today I'm tackling a big whitepaper on chatbots for a client and some smaller pieces on investing and artificial intelligence.

11:00: Finally straightening my hair, begrudgingly putting jeans back on, and packing a lunch.

11:30: Preschool pickup. Rhett is excited to share the artwork from the day (a letter X with stamps and some dinosaur coloring). We're on our way to Boulder for play group and eat a little lunch on the way while listening to Amelia Bedelia book on CD.

12:15: Rhett requests to drive past our old apartment on our way to Pearl Street, where we park and head to Ben and Jerry's to meet our friends for free ice cream. We are a sight to see, and it's a flurry of ice cream cones and small kids, but they have a great time and the moms enjoy talking.
1:45: I debate stopping at Costco on the way home, but Rhett falls asleep (!), so we just head home.

2:00: We're home and I gingerly try to transfer Rhett from the carseat to his bed. It's a delicate operation and he wakes up enough to ask why he has to rest, but I stick him in bed, close the door, and hope for the best.

2:05: He hasn't come out of his room yet, so I catch up on internet things and get some more work done.

3:30: This is definitely not a typical day. Rhett wakes up from his nap (naps never happen anymore!) and comes into the bed where I'm working so we can cuddle.

3:45: Book time on the couch. We make it through a huge pile of library books. Rhett does his best to try to get Thomas for his daily show, but I manage to sway him towards something more "educational," so Dinosaur Train it is.

4:45: Workbook time! Rhett is working through a Kindergarten book and surprises me when he points out the flags of Senegal and Honduras on the first try--who is this kid?
This is also literally the first time all day I realize I've dressed us both in buffalo check.
5:15: We have a Moana dance party and Rhett plays with a bouncy ball while I make dinner.

5:45: Andre is home! Happiness all around. Dinnertime, clean up, and family time. It's a blur during the one hour we all get together for the day.

7:00: It's snowing again, so the only people on the roads are the dog walkers and the Mormons headed to mutual. Tonight I'm talking general conference with the beehives. Who Said It: Prophet or Princess is a hit.

8:30: Home. Pajama time and finishing up some work things for the night while cruising house listings with Andre.

9:00. We turn on Bones. I'm feeling awake and alert the entire episode, until I fall asleep suddenly with 10 minutes to go. Andre wakes me up and tells me who the murderer was, just like every night.

10:30. Bed time.

Whew, a novel. This is a pretty standard preschool day, except for Rhett's nap, which is a rare occurrence these days. Our non-preschool days are full of the library, running errands, playing with friends, and going to the park.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

little moments: march

Honestly, almost every single picture I took in March is either of houses we've been looking at or tracking my pregnancy belly, neither of which are making this post because it would be creepy and weird to post them. So here are the highlights for the month, as told through Rhett's adventures.
Fox in Socks for Dr. Seuss day at preschool--this is what happens when I forgot to think of a costume until the morning of. Fox Halloween costume to the rescue.
Rhett's trip to the dentist, his first x-rays included.
Firefighter man at the children's museum
Leprechaun trap for St. Patrick's Day, complete with a bed to lure them in...turns out leprechauns couldn't find any gold coins at the store, so they had to leave golden Twix instead

 This picture cracks me up--Andre takes a belly picture of me after church every Sunday, and I hold up a picture with the number of weeks. Rhett wanted to get in on the fun one day and imitated it perfectly.
Trip to the train museum!
The red caboose was definitely a favorite.
In true Colorado fashion, a vegetable-themed park with a celery slide. I'm actually surprised there wasn't any kale for the kids to play on.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Long time, no blog. So much has been happening and I have so much to say and also nothing to say. So to help get my groove back, a canned post...

Watching: Bones, again. It started as watching season one so I would know the backstory for the current season (Andre has seen them all but I joined in the middle of the show), but it's grown and now we're on season five. Also, Superstore. And March Madness in the background, obviously.

Listening to: the Moana soundtrack. We finally watched the movie in the cheap theater a few weeks ago, and we've all been hooked on the soundtrack ever since. Lin-Manuel forever. Rhett requests it during breakfast every morning and just sings "You're Welcome" to himself all day.

Wearing: Not maternity clothes. It's a love/hate thing that I don't need them yet--I have some super cute dresses I want to wear, but now it's a pride thing to see how long I can make it. I'm getting closer to needing a rubber band on my jeans, so that's something.

Working on: Freelance articles about AI in the workplace, the impact of Brexit, and computing technology. Trying to muster up the strength/energy to work on a baby quilt--I may have gotten in over my head.

Eating: Grapefruit everything, cereal, granola. I would call them pregnancy cravings, but honestly, this is just slightly exaggerated versions of what I normally eat.

Loving: The gorgeous spring weather (that is supposed to turn to a blizzard soon), fresh-baked banana bread, podcasts during workouts, re-reading old general conference talks, and purging our belongings...again.

Looking forward to: A house?! We just kind of went for it and got a lender and a realtor and now our lives are consumed with looking for a house. The market here is brutal, which means falling in love with a house, putting in an offer, and getting squeezed out by other people. But someday we will find a house and it will all work out, and wow are we looking forward to it.
Unrelated, but cute. Rhett's preschool art show was tonight. Quite the swanky affair--note the fancy glass of "champagne" Sprite in his hand. And a donut hole, obvs. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

little moments: februrary

warm weather, lots of friends, and plenty of adventures. February was a good month. But for 28 days, it also felt really long? I'm looking back at these pictures and can't believing it all happened this month.
Easy to please: just a box and his favorite stuffie, Flutterbee.
Can't get over this cute boy going to church
Photo booth fun at the children's museum
Rhett doesn't nap anymore, but he'll fall asleep if we're out and about in the afternoon. I discovered I can transfer him to the shopping cart and enjoy some quiet shopping time--it's a win-win
 A science museum trip with friends. Rhett talked about it non-stop for day afterwards
We found the llamas on our way to see literally every exhibit in the museum
Celebrating Burke's birthday at Chuck e Cheese...Rhett was slightly terrified of this ride
Seriously, the weather was amazing. First bike ride of the year! Gotta start training for those Strider races this summer.
New Beginnings with the great YW. It was an Up theme, hence all the balloons.
And then our kitchen got taken over by water beads. 
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